Diving into Splinterland NFTs


The "Tome of CHAOS" is the first of many SPT NFTs for me. I am still very bullish on Splinterland NFTs and strongly believe that even if the entire space does reach the "dot com phase", Splinterlands will be among the few to survive and excel. The game has rapidly touched new heights within the crypto-gaming world and Aggi and the team's marketing efforts look solid.

There already are so many complications within each part of the game that it has cemented gamification and created multiple point of entries for strategists.

This is not financial advice of any means. But my understanding is that getting involved with all the various options present within the splinterlands community is going to be extremely beneficial in the long run. My next target is to buy a plot whenever it gets affordable, and as of now, I feel like my interest in collecting NFTs and the Splintertalk NFT marketplace are well aligned.


The "Tome of CHAOS" caught my eye fairly quickly. Almost a 100 of the total 500 are gone. I got in for a good price, 5000 SPT. As rarer the editions get, the more expensive they get.

The Tome is basically a record keeper of sorts, where all the events after the arrival of the CHAOS Legion are stored. The lore itself is very interesting. Imagine owning a copy of history. The entire library of what has occurred in a realm of anguish and disaster, which may or may not face destruction, safe in your ownership.

Apart from it being a really cool collectible that may or may not have any effect on the game, there is not much to it. As a collector it is really cool to have something of the sorts and invest deeper into a project that I love.

Is there any hidden benefit or resale value? Your guess is just as good as mine. For me it is just another way I can get more involved with the game, the SPT circles back into the game which can be used for more development or marketing, and I own something really cool to show for it.


The marketplace is pretty active with multiple purchases happening every day, and I believe it will play a major role in outlining the in-game contributions and the out-game contributions as it brings creators, collectors and gamers together. My prediction is once some sort of utilities get attached to these collections, the marketplace will blow up and bring in more people into the splinterlands community who may not be necessarily gamers.


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