Is It Worth Swapping a Red Dragon for more Collection Power?

Promo packs are the apple of my eye. Back in the day when the pack was released, I invested somewhere between $70-$100 into the sale. I bought a few packs and if I remember correctly I opened all of them. I was so excited that the thought of holding onto the packs did not even cross my mind.

I believe opening those packs was the best decision. The cards are really amazing and I also got one of my favorite cards in the game, the Red Dragon, from the packs.



This card is one of the most unique cards in the game. At level 1 only, it already has both 4 melee attacks and 1 magic damage along with a flying ability and a massive health points bar of 9! But the most impressive attribute of this card is its collection power.

3000 CP!!


There isn't another card that I play with that has this collection power. It makes Red Dragon the most unique card I have in my collection. It also poses me with a very serious question.

Should I swap this card for more collection power?

At the moment, the Red Dragon card is highly undervalued in the market. Yes, there might be cards that have better attributes that could be driving the price of Red Dragon down. But for the collection power it possesses, the price is pretty down there.


For the sake of simplification, let's take the top 5 listings in the market at the current time. The average of these 5 cards would price my card at $317. Let us round that up to 300 U.S. Dollars.

The main attempt here would be to buy cards from the market worth 300 U.S. Dollars and increase the total collection power gained to over the original 3000 that Red Dragon has.

A 300 Dollars budget is quite big if we are looking for collection power only.

Let us look at the cheapest non-reward card in the market. It is the 1 mana, Chaos Legion, Common, Death monster Carrion Shade. The lowest listing on the market for this card is 0.046 U.S. Dollars.

If you ask my opinion, this is the best card to stack up if you are on a tight budget. It may not look like it, but a high level Carrion Shade is a very powerful card. A fully upgraded Carrion Shade is very strong ...just for 1 mana!


If I purchase Carrion Shades at the latest listing price of $300, I can get my hands on 6521 cards. With a collection power of only 5, the total collection power I will receive at the end of the purchase is 32,608!!

That is over 10x the collection power from simply stacking 1 card.

But to be realistic, there are only 1186 listed Carrion Shades. And by the time I am done with buying just over 100 cards, the price will soar up significantly. It is a very unrealistic scenario to buy so many Carrion Shades and the amount spent will not fully fill the 6521 estimates.

For a more realistic result, the 300 U.S. dollars has to be spread out over multiple cards. In a perfect scenario, I would also like to buy cards that not only give me more than 3000 collection power but will also appreciate in value over time.

That is why I am looking at undervalued legendary cards or gold cards.


The cheapest legendary cards in the market are these 6. Harklaw regular, Djinn Biljka regular, Zyvax Vuul common, Scorch Fiend common, SOul Fiend common, and Ifrit Rising common. With each card holding 500 Collection Power, I can buy one of each of these six and cut even on 3000 collection power. The total amount spent on these cards (considering the latest listing prices) will be only over 33 US dollars.

I will still have over 260 US dollars remaining. In this way, I can either purchase multiple legendaries or venture out to buy more expensive legendaries and or gold cards and still be way over the minimum 3000 collection power.

I have 3 Red Dragons and that makes swapping the card for more undervalued high collection power cards very VERY tempting. However, I am not completely sure that $300 is a good enough price for the Red Dragon. Nevertheless, it does feel very worth it. Selling one card to buy underpriced legendaries that can possibly be 10x in value in the coming year.


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