More Gold Foils for my collection!


This season's end was probably the best I've had since I started playing the game again. The highest rank I've been to was probably gold 3 or gold 2, and even then, with a higher number of loot boxes, I pulled better cards in my Bronze 1 season reward.

This is the first time I get a gold foil card in a season end reward or a pack opening. So you might be able to understand how excited I got.

The card itself is not very special. It is a Gold Foil Pelacor Deceiver. It is currently selling for just under a dollar. Although that might be a turn off for many collectors, I love it. Gold Foils and Chaos Legion cards, in general, are pretty cheap at the moment. Most of the cards' potentials haven't yet been discovered. I see a massive boom in prices in the future. So I am more than happy to collect as many as possible


Right after opening my season end rewards, I began feeling a little lucky. I had an itch to open up a pack. Initially, I only wanted to buy as many packs and collect them for the extra pack points to gain more sps. But when the itch to open a pack starts, there is no relief. So yeah, I did.

I already have plenty of legendary and alchemy potions, but something tells me they don't work. Kinda like they expired. I had some credits laying around from the time I bought packs, so I used those to buy extra potions. Looks like it worked.

I got a Venari Scout, Goblin Psychic, Cruel Sethropod, Choas Knight, and a Gold Foil Djinn Apprentice. Two gold foils in one day? Man, this day just got better!


In the previous times when I opened a pack, I immediately sold all the cards of the pack if the total value was above $4. Then I bought another pack and the balance was a profit to keep. This time I could not do it. And I am not going to sell a Gold Foil. NO WAY.

In general, the Djinn Apprentice isn't a very attractive card either. So it is safe to assume that the GFs I pulled this time are pretty mediocre. However, if we factor in the state of the market, they are excellent pulls. They are very cheap at the moment and in the long run I can generate a lot of value with just these two Gold Foils simply through the rental market or flipping them. The most stable option is to simply store for collection power.


Your approach may be different than mine. But my aim right now is to accumulate as much collection power as possible while also gathering all the different CL cards. The first goal is to buy at least 1 of each card that I can afford. I am a smaller collector so I have to juggle between budget, fomo, and gains.

I went ahead and bought a Spirit Hoarder and Baakjira. This brings my shopping list down to a few more legendaries. My eye is on Uriel for now. Remember the Gold Mushroom Seer I sold for ~20 cents? That is not happening again. This time I will be collecting as many as possible and building my collection power.

Right now is the best time for both large collectors and small. Choas Legion still very affordable and if you enjoy the game just as much as I do, you should be buying as many cards as possible.


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