Aim True Ruleset: Shields are King!


In this battle mage secret challenge, we have the aim true ruleset and a battle to breakdown. It will be fun to breakdown rulesets compared to monsters in the future as there are many different ways to attack certain rulesets and will be great to see high level players share their strategy. You might think this specific ruleset does not have any specific strategy attached to it however I believe shields are very important in this ruleset especially with the other rulesets I faced in the upcoming battle. Let us briefly describe the ruleset and then breakdown the battle where I was victorious using a specific strategy against the aim true ruleset.

Aim True

aim true.png

This ruleset is pretty straight forward as all monsters hit no matter what the speed or dodge chance is. This also applies to magic monsters if you are facing a phase opponent. Shields and speed are still important in this ruleset in my opinion as if you hit first you can eliminate your opponent before they fire and shields will keep you alive given you know you are going to get hit. Another sneaky play would be using enrage monsters as you know they will get boosted after a hit and deal heavy damage to your opponent. With the brief description, let us breakdown the battle below. Here is the link to the full battle if you are interested:

Round 1


Aim true is the main ruleset we are looking at but obviously the ranged only ruleset matters as well making the shield importance even greater in my opinion. My focus was on shielded monsters first and speed second as all my monsters can fire from the front where his will not be able to given I have fernheart. My opponent went no shields at all which is a strategy I believe was his downfall. In round 1, both our tanks go down however mine only had three hit points where his had four showing the power of the shield ability as well as him not having all his monsters attack the front line. My high damage monsters are still in the back including my goblin tower which will be pivotal to victory. A great monster to have in aim true rulesets given the slow speed and no longer a risk of missing.

Round 2


In round 2, my supply runner gets one last hit off before dying due to the high speed and close range ability which is key to keeping my three damage monster alive another round in the future. Overall we are looking good as we have higher hit points and damage than our opponent along with the close range ability throughout the next few rounds.

Round 3


It is all but over in round 3 as I am able to eliminate his squishy monsters with plenty of damage and health left over. His archer is the only monster left in round 4 without an ability to fire and so it ends in this round with a blow from my Ava the Undaunted.


As you saw, the shields were important in the aim true ruleset in order for my low health tank to survive in the first round as well as ava in subsequent rounds compared to my opponent's monsters. Speed is the secondary important piece for this ruleset trying to take advantage of eliminating your opponent's monsters before yours are defeated. Please upvote or comment if you have any other sneaky strategies for this ruleset.