Astral Entity: Three Cards That Should Jump in Value!



Astral Entity is the death legendary summoner for chaos legion and was recently revealed today. With the recent release, I wanted to get out an article analyzing three cards that I think will see the biggest boost in value with this card coming to the game. If you would like to read the release article, here is the link First things first, let us look at the astral entity and then we will get into the monsters. To get into the game before this card is released, please use the following link

Astral Entity


The two shields is an underrated ability given all the shield summoners such as lux and kelya. There is also plenty of speed on the death team and in no magic rulesets, this summoner should shine. Lastly, the resurrect ability comes in making your opponent defeat a monster a second time which could take awhile given the misses dodge may cause. Overall, this will be a great summoner in no magic rulesets, enrage matchups, as well as melee and range only matchups. Now let us get into three cards that I believe to see the greatest boost in value.

1. Nightmare


We already know this card has a great place in the speed meta and it just got a bigger boost even in lower levels now. The horse on fire brings six speed at silver level with it being boosted to seven with the speed runner range card. That along with dodge would give a 85% miss chance for a one speed monster. This card is an excellent tank in a no magic ruleset at lower levels and a ridiculously good card in higher levels when it gets phase and higher speeds. At .50 cents per bcx, I think this card could see a dollar in the near future per bcx.

2. Riftwing


Another high speed monster that would get the dangerous combo of flying and dodge. In silver, this card has four speed that can be buffed to five with speed runner. Add on a 25% flying chance and 25% dodge chance, you have a 90% miss chance for one speed monsters. The misses are even more deadly for the riftwing as it has backfire which deals damage back to your opponent's monsters when there is a miss. No doubt this card will also be a great play in no magic rulesets especially in low mana battles where death already shines. At 6 cents per bcx, there is no doubt this card sees a boost over the next few weeks as this strategy plays out as it will be like the phantom of the abyss where it is almost unhittable against melee and ranged attacks.

3. Night Ghoul

Night Ghoul.png

Looking at the minus shields as well as resurrection abilities, I think the night ghoul poses a value boost. It deals heavy damage of five in silver and in no magic rulesets has up to 16 hit points. That is a lot to go through especially when you can resurrect the six shield to stall your opponent's backline attack. At 20 cents for a RW card, this seems like a bargain along with the fact that it will be the only modern tank for death when untamed phases out.


It is always fun theorizing these strategies when a new card is released and as a bonus, the wisp soulbound card could make for another real pain when pairing with astral entity. Please upvote or comment if you have any other pairings you are seeing with the astral entity and hope you are all looking forward to playing with this card in the future.


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