Bloodlust: Favorite Ability in the Game!

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This post will show why bloodlust is my favorite ability in the game right now and when it works is quite fun to watch. The bloodlust ability is when a monster gains one attack, one health, one speed and one shield after defeating an opponent's monster. As you can imagine, this can really snowball to make a very powerful monster. We will look at the two bloodlust monsters in the game right now and then examine a battle including one of them.

Grum Flameblade


Grum is arguably one of the best cards in the game especially once he gets void at level 2. His main ability is soaking up a ton of damage with his 17 health points to begin the match. This is buffed to 18 with tarsa and paired with a scavo hireling can make for a very tough monster for your opponent to get through with magic spam. His speed is a problem however if he gets a hit off watch out as it can really snowball from there. Reverse speed is a great ruleset for Grum as well as melee always hit ruleset. This is a must have card for any player to have in their collection.

Jared Scar


The powerful hippo is a new legendary reward card and one that I have really enjoyed playing with of late. His five melee damage make him a great asset in super sneak and melee attack from anywhere rulesets. The relative low health for jared is a problem as a main tank especially against magic damage which is where he is not great in all situations. He will be a great force to deal with when grandmaster rathe comes out to give him the void armor and buff his over health to seven at level one. The piercing ability he receives at level three really makes him dangerous as now the one shield does not prevent a bloodlust and allows him to continue his onslaught. Speaking of his ability to compound, let us look at a battle where this very thing happens. Link to the full battle is here:

Round 1


The supersneak ruleset is a great place to use Jared scar and I put him in the sneak position given the shields he has. I expected my opponent to do a magic play which is why I went with a high health monster up front as well as the chain spinner behind. In this round, everything goes as planned almost eliminating his taunt with mine still surviving. The redemption is quite annoying and was a good play by my opponent.

Round 2


Both our taunts go down in round 2 however my Jared Scar gets his first bloodlust off from a timely miss by my knight. His oshannus is going to be a problem however the chain spinner has held up well so far.

Round 3


Another bloodlust blasts off eliminating my opponent's healer while my chain spinner also goes down. At this point, it is going to come down to oshannus and jared scar hitting hard.

Round 4


We both lose another monster and my scar is up to nine damage at this point with all of my opponent's monsters being left with no shields. The assassin gets off two big hits on the oshannus and now it is just time for clean up duty.

Round 5


Jared gets up to 10 attack damage eliminating the nerissa. My other two monsters take care of oshannus and the game is over!

This is just a taste of the bloodlust ability and hopefully you enjoyed the recap of the battle. Please upvote or comment on if you have any other abilities that you enjoy.


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