Brawl Changes: Top 3 Dragon Reward Cards!


Finishing up our series on the reward cards we have the dragon splinter. Naturally there are some real bangers here and some of the strongest creatures in the reward series. This list will not include daria the reward summoner as that is a no brainer to add to your team. The shining ruleset for these cards as a whole is the earthquake ruleset given the amount of flyers and it will tough to win a match without them on your team in that ruleset. Without further delay, let us get into our three cards. To join Splinterlands please use the following link:

1. Gloridax Soldier

Gloridax Soldier.png

A fantastic card in no magic rulesets especially paired with daria, this card can punch out three attack along with flight and shield ability. This makes it quite hard to hit and very resilient for a five mana tank. Another place where it shines is as an opportunity distraction in the opportunity ruleset given it only has five hit points. Without the appearance of a lot of taunts in this fray, this is an important strategy.

2. Black Dragon

Black Dragon.png

Two magic buffed to three with delwyn with life leech is obviously a no brainer card to add to your lineup. Blast ruleset as well as equalizer ruleset is naturally where this dragon shines and can almost single handedly win the matchup. Pair this with larissa and you have a very dangerous magic combo.

3. Robo Dragon Knight

Robo-Dragon Knight.png

Hands down the best dragon reward card we have is the dragon knight. This card just gets better and better as it levels up adding piercing, return fire, and magic reflect at level 4. This tank is pretty much rock solid against any attack while also dolling out serious heat. Daria again is a great pairing with this card however it really does not matter which summoner you use given the versatility even at level one.

DEC breaker.png

No question these cards really pack a punch and are always highest on my list of rentals at the start of any fray. This was really nice for myself to run through all these as it gives me the highest rental additions as well as future buying targets to shore up my deck. Please upvote or comment if you have any others to add to the list and if you have any other ideas for future series.