Brawl Changes: Top 3 Earth Reward Cards!


How is everyone doing with the new brawl changes? My win rate has remained about the same however the new meta plays are definitely intriguing to theorize. Continuing with our series we have the earth splinter. The earth team definitely gets a boost with the addition of summoner such as daria, delwyn, and lux as lyanna is probably the weakest of the alpha summoners. Let us get into the cards and how they play with all summoners mentioned as well as with their earth monster counterparts. As always please use the following link if you would like to join this complex and rewarding TCG:

1. Mushroom Seer

Mushroom Seer.png

Silence at level one is really enough said with this card as that is one of a kind from my knowledge. In bronze, this can really be game changing. Add in the two magic this card can be a DPS and support monster making for an easy staple on the earth team. Using this card with delwyn allows you to deal heavy damage while also winning mirror matchups against similar delwyn teams. The seer also can even the playing field against alric and the water team where previously earth did not really stand a chance.

2. Javelin Thrower

Javelin Thrower.png

Earth has a pretty nice archery team that can be very helpful when used with selenia. The javeling thrower has piercing making it the perfect monster to pair with a heavy ranged attack behind your flesh golem or robo dragon knight tank. Three piercing damage along with air elemental and swamp thing can pack a punch and the high speed can ensure you will most likely not miss.

3. Brownie


Another crazy level one card adding swiftness to your team.
We all know speed can really make the difference in matchups and brownie adding speed across the board can put you up top in mirror matchups as well as boosting some high speed monsters. Giving nectar queen four speed at level 3 with flight can be big against melee and ranged similarly with spirit of the forest being at seven speed and flight is almost unhittable as a sneak protector.

splinterlands breaker.png

Two of these cards offer level one abilities not seen by other monsters in the game and are a must have for brawls as well as ranked play. As mentioned previously, the new change really gives earth more of a chance against the other splinters as they no longer need to really on a low impact summoner or mediocre cards. Please upvote or comment if you have any other earth cards you like to use with the new format.