Campaign Tutorial Idea: Improved New Player Experience?



In this article, we will talk about one idea in order to improve the new player experience. For all of us who love this game, new players coming in is needed in order to have a healthy economy and right now Splinterlands is not a game that is overly friendly to the new player. Learning strategy is quite difficult and there is no meta deck you can rent or buy to get started and automatically have success. Something that I believe could improve this would be a campaign tutorial mode that walks a player through several rulesets as well as covers some of the great lore we have for this game. This is something that is very common for the average gamer as most mobile and console gaming has this such as Call of Duty. Someone can come into that game never playing before and within and hour have a decent idea of what to do. It is so easy to run in circles in Splinterlands win and losing every other game which drains ECR, daily rewards, as well as precious credits from the initial buy in. Now that we have explained what this mode would look like, let us dive deeper into the lore and play through what I am imagining. To get into this TCG and enjoy some rewards before these quality of life changes hopefully happen, please use the following link:


Why do we need this?

Entering this TCG is quite difficult initially and the presence of bots makes this even harder. They are already aware of the best strategy and knowing that strategy and how to counter it is not known until you repetitively play. Losing consistently and getting nowhere is a quick way to defeat a new player especially someone who is just here for the game and not necessarily the DEFI or investment side of things. Rewarding players and giving them confidence will be what keeps them going every day.



For those who are unaware, each splinter has their own region as well as certain monsters who have been highlighted into the lore. A player would start out with the background of Dr. Blight and the chaos legion attacking the Splinterlands with the player being a defender. Using a character such as the pirate daughter Faaire would be a great start in my opinion. As she sets out on her journey she meets river hellondale who is a damage dealer and has the redemption ability which could be the first battle. At the same time, she meets a leader of the white splinter who has heavy shields showing off the abilities of shield as well as repair. You can see where I am going with this, and the length of it could be as long or short as the team would want to make it.



For each battle completed, there should be a reward for the new player just like you commonly get for mobile games to build up gems or characters. Chaos legion packs I think would be a great reward as a new player then gets the feel of possibly hitting it big with a legendary or gold foil card. The full completion of the tutorial could end with a reward of one of the main cards used in the games and the player could pick what they want. There is an attachment to that card now similar to a starter Pokemon that causes stickiness for the new customer.


Main rulesets

Below there will be a list of a few rulesets that absolutely need to be included in this tutorial as there is specific strategies that only a seasoned player would know and would give the individual an equal playing field against a bot who knows this strategy.

  1. Poison
  2. Super Sneak
  3. Enrage
  4. Earthquake
  5. No abilities
  6. Close Range
  7. Equalizer

splinterlands breaker.png

I will not bore you all by growing through the strategy on these but feel this is a good list of some of the big ones that you see a lot and garner a specific play style to have success. Please comment below if you think this is something the devs should develop or if you have any other ideas for improving the new player experience.