Desert Dragon: Stomping Out the Competition!


In this article, one of my favorite chaos cards is up for examination. The desert dragon is really a fun card to use and creates carnage on the battle field in the right situation. As usual we will look at the stats first and then breakdown a battle where the desert dragon goes off.

Desert Dragon


The card is really only usable in limited rulesets at level one given the low health points and attack from the first position. Level 2 is really where this card shines as the trample can pop off much easier with the piercing addition. The piercing makes it a no brainer in opportunity, super sneak, and melee can attack from anywhere matchups. Level 3 and 4 continue to improve this card given the retaliate and giant killer and would love to level it up to these levels in the future to use in gold and diamond when I get there. Now we can breakdown a battle where the trample and piercing pair very well together. Full link to the battle is as follows:

Round 1


Admittedly, there was some luck in this matchup as I played into the ruleset and my opponent did not counter with any magic thankfully. Trample going off repeatedly is really a great place to use the desert dragon obviously, however better off to use with a taunt or no magic matchup to ensure the dragon will do it's job. This round my healer was taken out quickly by his sneak play which is not ideal for the future of the dragon. Luckily, my opponent's main tank is low on health making a nice target to trample.

Round 2


My dragon got one trample off but was one melee attack away from continuing through his silent sha-vi. This was a killer for me as the wavesmith goes down and it is not looking good for me. It is all down to the desert dragon now to finish off my opponent.

Round 3


This is the best part about using the desert dragon. Trample goes off and completely runs through the rest of his whole team one by one. The piercing was imperative going through the uraeus at the end as well. That is exactly what you would expect from a dragon card.

Severely undervalued at the moment in my opinion, the desert dragon costs around 3 dollars per BCX making it one of the cheaper chaos legion legendary cards. Price appreciation for this card seems likely as time goes on and I really enjoy using it in a variety of settings.