Double Resurrect Strategy: Meta Silver Play!


In this battle challenge post, we will examine a double resurrect strategy that has proven to be meta in silver for me as well as in gold league. The strategy revolves around agor longtail the taunt RW card as well as oshuur the promo card for RW. The second resurrect card comes from life or water using adelaide or river hellondale. Naturally this is for higher mana matchups given the higher mana cards however can sometimes be snuck in at a mid mana matchup as well. We will first breakdown agor longtail and then get into the battle and strategy at hand. Here is the link to the full battle for those who are interested in watching live:

Agor Longtail


This card is an absolute perfect taunt monster in my opinion in almost every instance. Void armor keeps him less susceptible to magic and the two different attack types allow you to deal heavy damage every turn. The heal at gold level is ridiculous and if your opponent does not bring affliction they are in trouble. Now let us see this great monster in action!

Round 1


The odd cards ruleset really caters to this strategy as all the main cards mentioned above are odd cards. Water is my preferred splinter to pair with agor as the river hellondale gives agor one more melee attack along with the resurrect. My opponent made a bit of a blunder as he brought a sneak monster in a no sneak rulesets which makes this game over before it even started. Round 1 plays out as expected with both our tankes holding up well for the most part.

Round 2


Torhillo goes down and my agor has still not been beaten down once so the resurrects are still in play. His secondary tank is almost done as well as so this match is getting out of hand quickly. The carnage titan is a nice little partner as you can see dealing six melee damage to follow up agor's damage which is also buffed by the great river hellondale.

Round 3


The rest of his team is pretty much melted in this round as the heavy damage is too much and agor still stands without going down once. Ranged monsters remaining means this game is all but over and finishes up in round 4.

dragon page breaker.png

As you can see, this double resurrect combination is a real pain to deal with and can really make a match be over before it starts. The agor is also pretty evasive to melee and ranged attacks as well with the three speed and flight. If you are not renting or do not own any of these cards yet, this would be a great time to scoop them up or rent them out. Please upvote or comment if you enjoyed this breakdown and let me know if you have any counters to this strategy.


So Agor it is. It looks quite powerful. I may try this beast on a battle.


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