Dragon Double Strike: Crush Magic Meta!

Double Strike Dragon Magic Meta Crush!.png

In this post, we will look at my new favorite strategy with the dragon team. Double Strike Sneak has been a great combo for me with dragon splinter and the life team. As you will see in the battle below, carnage titan is another double strike team I like to use. Before we look at the battle, let us examine the dhampir infiltrator that has been the catalyst of this double strike sneak strategy.

Dhampir Infiltrator


The infiltrator is the best new reward card in my opinion especially in lower leagues. The double strike paired with daria deals four damage a turn for this monster. Getting cripple at higher levels is nice as it can go through shield and deal one damage each hit taking down an opponent's health. Affliction would be even better to have early on given all the healing monsters however it is a fantastic addition for the highest level players. Now let us take a look at a battle using this great monster. Link to the full battle is here: https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=sl_57997e08f2463565bd578da323802b41

Round 1


Here we have a melee vs magic matchup which is where I love to play this strategy. My opponent plays his slipspawn as usual keeping my monsters away from his more important monsters. The robo dragon knight is a great tank with his high hit points, shield points, and void giving my backline monsters a chance to work. In this round, we are able to take out the slipspawn and my dragon knight is still alive and kicking. Now is where the strategy really goes to work.

Round 2


In round 2, I am able to knock out three of his last five monsters while having full health for most of my monsters after the dragon knight goes down. The infiltrator did it's job by taking out a monster and lessening his sporcerer's health to allow my sandworm to finish that monster off.

Round 3


It is all but over at the start of round 3. The slow from the diamond dragon allows me to take out his monsters before the carnage titan is taken out and the match does not get to round 4.

Hopefully you enjoyed this recap showing off the power of this double strike strategy. Please upvote or comment on any teams other than life that you like to use this strategy for.