Flying Squid: Best Secondary Tank in Chaos Legion!


In this battle challenge, we have the flying squid. Not sure where the flying came from but it is a great card to have in your deck. As always, we will look at the card stats and then examine a battle using the flying squid as it is intended. You will see why I believe this card is the best secondary tank in the game.

Flying Squid


This monster starts off as a formiddable opponent even in novice given the high health points as well as relatively high speed. I play in silver getting the extra melee attack making it harder to buff with demoralize. Reach is a great ability to have for a secondary tank and rivals the gorlodon in untamed for highest hit points in the second position that can attack. The blind the squid gets in Gold really puts this card over the top in melee or ranged heavy matchups as this ability gives an extra chance of dodging an opponent's attack. The backfire at max level is appropriate given the blind and high speed making it an even tougher tank.


The following is a battle using the squid in the second position playing it's primary role. Here is the link to the full battle:

Round 1


This matchup is a no shields ruleset making speed very important in my opinion. I chose to go with quix for this reason as well as the creeping ooze. My opponent had a similar strategy and similar monsters but did not have any backline attacking monsters which was his downfall. My dragon jumper takes out his healer quickly and the robo dragon knight takes a ton of damage leaving my backline monsters untouched. I take down his flying squid with relative ease and move on to his nerissa. The squid was a good choice given the high hit points however I just had too much damage to deal with.

Round 2


The second round goes similar to the first with my jumper dealing heavy damage to his archer and the rest of my monsters taking out his nerissa. The robo dragon knight still stands with my squid waiting in the wings.

Round 3


It is all over in this round as my health pool and damage is just too much. My jumper and axemaster knock him the rest of the way out for an easy win!

DEC breaker.png

The flying squid is a must have for all low level players as it gives so much breathing room for backline monsters to do their thing. He is also valuable in the his health pool is good against any attack even magic. Please upvote or comment if you enjoyed the content.