Fury: Let your damage shine!


In this battle mage secrets, we have the fury ruleset. A relatively new ruleset as it only came into the game at the beginning of the year. Fury calls for extra damage to be applied to any taunt monster. One ruleset I sometimes forget to include and get slammed in the match due to this so it is one that has to be strategized around. Let us breakdown a few strategies around this ruleset and then a battle round by round as usual. Please follow this link for the full battle for those that are interested: https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=sl_843291f3681df1c16ed59a70fe81df3d


1. Lily Shieldpaw: The best and easiest strategy in my opinion for the fury ruleset is using Lily. She allows you to play a great tank up front without worrying about backline damage and still not dealing with fury damage. A few tanks that are great with this card are uriel and robo dragon knight.

2. Targeted Snipe or Sneak Damage: If you can assume your opponent will not play a taunt, you can create a heavy targeted damage approach. Naturally on the other side of the coin, preparing for this from your opponent is important and using cards with thorns or magic reflect in certain positions can be a winning strategy.

3: Void Armor: In other words, use rathe however having several void armor monsters also works. Cards such as the imperial knight and backline monsters such as bearix snakeye can be a way to protect against all forms of damage which you know may be coming from anywhere.

splinterlands breaker.png

This is not an exhaustive list but a few that have proved effective in my playstyle. Without further delay, now we will get into the battle with this ruleset. It is one in which I lost however based on splintertools, had a 78% chance to win so
it still shows the strategy I used works more often than not.

Round 1


My thought going in here was to use ranged damage in order to avoid any magic reflect tank monsters my opponent may use. Speed was also important in order to eliminate my opponent prior to him firing. The robo dragon knight mentioned above was my choice for a tank along with tinderlock with the silence to counter a magic spam on the other side. In round 1, my bad luck starts out by sinash missing a one speed brightwing and my lava launcher missing uriel again strictly due to flight. The dragon is holding up great taking minimal damage.

Round 2


Again the misses continue, as I only hit once out of six fires which statistically would be very low. He is able to breakdown my knight not missing once and it is pretty much over after this.

Round 3


The misses continue as before and it is over. His uriel will hold up to be too strong and I have no backline damage on his monsters. Using the flight was a good strategy on his side but as mentioned before should have ended up in a loss.

splinterlands breaker.png

As you can see, using a solid tank and damage that could not be reflected as easily was a good strategy but caught some bad RNG. Always an eventful time playing this game even when you think you have it figured out. Please upvote or comment if you enjoyed this content or have any other strategies to use for this ruleset.