Gladius Card Spotlight: Rare Cards


Continuing the gladius card spotlight, we now have the rare cards up. Naturally, the importance of these cards in the gladius card meta is greater and there is some really great value cards that can change the outcome of a brawl match. We will also discuss how these cards pair up well with various different edition cards to try and cover all the various frays that are out there.

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Fire: Orella Abadon


Orella continues the run of seriously good sneak monsters from fire. First we had kobold miner and then we got tenyi striker in chaos. Pairing either of these cards with uraues or elven cutthroat along with orella makes for some serious damage coming out of the sneak position. Two melee for two mana is also pretty crazy given that we have tarsa and malric giving plus one melee. Low mana sneak is almost a must play for fire in most brawls

Water: Relenor Cleaver


First we have to comment on the pretty sweet art of this card. The big axe and armor really fits with the shields of kelya and the color is water for sure. This card is a beast in the second position with four melee and a ton of hit points against melee and ranged damage. Pairing this with the diemonshark to trigger more tramples as well as with cruel sethropod in mid mana matchups can really do some damage to the front line tank. When expecting magic, the cleaver is not the card to use and you are better off with flying squid from chaos. Matchups in alpha and beta bring a nice secondary tank behind the turtle leaving room to breath for the heavy magic alric deals out.

Earth: Cutter Breeze


A controversial decision here possibly when looking at the other rare card for earth, palidan. My argument for this card being superior is purely the value for the mana cost. One mana ranged damage with high speed can be used in many circumstances. This card is very similar to naga assassin. The high speed can act as a sneak protection however will most likely get a shot off before going down. The cutter pairs with all the earth summoners given this strategy specifically being useful with prince ryenn. Using this card to save some of the squishy high damage magic cards from chaos may be the difference in the match.

Life: Captain Katie


Far and above the best rare gladius card, Captain Katie deals heavy magic damage to your opponent's backline monsters. She pairs well with loan boatmen and the sheriff in modern dealing heavy snipe damage to your opponent. She can also be used with djinn renova and adelaide for a chaos magic play. Lastly for older editions, Katie gives life a good secondary tank to give breathing room for high damage archers as well as for the inspire sneak strategy.

Death: Liza Fox


Another great card art here with Liza as the color really pops. Liza teams up perfectly with dhampir stalker as well as soul strangler for heavy ranged damage against high health tanks. Four damage makes it highly possible for a bloodlust making this card snowball quickly. For older editions, pairing this card with the octopider and spider card similarly deal out heavy damage to your opponent's tank.

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Captain Katie and Orella are cards that immediately put you over the top in certain rulesets for brawls and are on my list of hopeful pulls for my next gladius pack. If you would like to join in on the fun of this great game, use the following link:
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