Knockout: Shock and Awe!


In this post we breakdown the knockout ruleset as well as a battle using the strategy for this ruleset. One of the rulesets that is often overlooked in lower leagues due to low number of stun cards but can be a game changer in gold league on up. Knockout ruleset gives double damage to monsters who are stunned. This is also an ability some monsters have such as the kobold bruiser. As usual, we will discuss the strategy behind the ruleset and then breakdown the battle. If you would like to watch the full battle we will breakdown below, please use the following link:


1. Stun galore: Naturally the more stun cards you have on the board the better. It has a 50% chance to prock so to help RNG more is better. Faster stun cards are also better as it is harder to cleanse that way and more likely to allow another card to hit hard.

2. Amplify reflect damage: This is not something I have tried but more of a theory is to use amplify on a reflect damage card like thorns or return fire to deal back all that damage to the sender as a way around the stun strategy.

3. Speed: If you are not hit, you cannot be stunned. Higher the speed and using phase ensures this and is naturally always a good strategy to use in most rulesets.

dragon page breaker.png

We are going to use the number one strategy here with one of my favorite stun cards. The lightning dragon is a fantastic card all around and in silver gets stun which is unique for this league. Without further delay, let us get into the battle.

Round 1


Naturally our strategy was to stun early with the lightning dragon and let all our other monsters do work. This worked out beautifully in the first round as his alvar was melted! Tough monster to get through but not a problem for this ruleset. That allowed us to also get through his carnage titan and pull his renova into the first position.

Round 2


Another huge stun right off the bat in round 2 by my dragon. This gives me agor six melee and six magic damage which is ridiculous for one monster to put out especially with the equalizer ruleset and high health of all monsters.

Round 3


A third stun in a row to start round 3! Added insult to injury and this match is all but over. His runic skyclaw is the only monster left at the end of round 3 and so the match finishes up in round 4.

dragon page breaker.png

No doubt stun is very powerful with the knockout ruleset especially if you are lucky and hit first with the stun three rounds in a row. Excited to use this strategy more as I grow in higher leagues and have more cards with this ability. Please upvote or comment if you enjoyed this content or have any other strategies or cards you like to use in this ruleset.


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