Little League: Small but Powerful!


In this battle mage secrets, we have the little league ruleset. This ruleset calls for cards to be used with four mana or less in battle. A totally different game with this ruleset in play as you need to make sure you have high value for each card given the low mana and usually low power that comes along with that. Several different strategies can be used here so the three we have below are not an exhaustive list. As usual, we will breakdown a battle after using one of the strategies. Here is the link to the full battle for those that are interested:

death breaker.png


1. Sneak Play: There are several high damage sneak monsters on several teams especially if you are playing in wild. Pelacor bandit, Feral spirit, and Uraeus to name a few. A targeted sneak play with three or four monsters is very possible in little league and probably the most popular strategy in little league.

2. Healing or Healed up Tank: Naturally due to the few amount of high damage monsters, you can have a single strong tank survive through the damage if you can expect what your opponent is going to throw at you. A strategy I have had success with is tyrus paladin in wild with the one shield, a conjurer as a tank, and crystalsmith/divine healer in the back healing it up. Generally if my opponent goes heavy range or magic this strategy does quite well as my opponnent cannot get through the conjurer and my backline archers such as crystalsmith and peacebringer bring the DPS.

3. Weaken with redemption: A cheeky strategy used with the death and fire splinters can be a meme worthy win for you. This is naturally a strategy that is better used at higher leagues but can be done as low as gold league. Death includes the undead priest with dr blight and thaddeus brood along with a slimeball for redemption damage. The fire splinter does this with exploding rats up front and dr blight and goblin shaman on the backline weakening your opponent.

death breaker.png

As you can see, there are several different strategies that can be used for this ruleset. My favorite if I can pull it off is the weaken strategy which we will see below in a modified version given it is in silver. Without further delay, let us get into the battle.

Round 1


We have death vs death in this matchup and obviously an under leveled team on the other side of this matchup. My goal was to weaken my opponent while also including some life leech monsters that will hopefully survive long enough to get built up. In round 1, my luck on the scatter shot was good where I was able to eliminate his bonesmith before it life leeches up and my life leech monsters are not touched. His riftwing was a good play as it will be a distraction and tough to eliminate even with the weaken strategy.

Round 2


The scatter hits continue as his high damage archer and ravenwood card go down early in this round taking away the shield protection. His stun monster hits my tank which is better than backline monsters leaving all of them alive to hit him next round. A lucky break as my ravenwood is able to hit his last magic monster at the end of the round.

Round 3


It is all but over at this point as his only DPS monster is his tank and all my monsters are alive and firing. It is all over in round 4 with a finishing blow by my ravenwood archer.

death breaker.png

Hopefully you enjoyed this breakdown and have a few different strategies in mind with this ruleset. There are a few monsters such as the undead priest as well as some of the sneak monsters that are OP in this ruleset and would be good purchases in this down market based on your own diligence of play style. Please upvote or comment if you enjoyed this content and have any other strategies that you use for this ruleset.


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