Modern Bronze Strategies: Climb out quickly!


In this article we will talk about two bronze strategies I tend to use quite often in modern league to rank up as well as win in bronze tournaments. The first strategy is a chaos only fire team we will be using and the second strategy is a more comprehensive modern deck including untamed cards. Both of these teams have a high win rate for me and would help new players climb to bronze 1 or higher with relative ease in my opinion. The first strategy will include the fire team and a heavy sneak play.

Fire strategy

Magic is always prevalent in bronze so you always have to plan for this to be a possible spam attempt from your opponent. The heatsmith is a great resilient tank against magic and also offers protection from a melee heavy attack up front for a few rounds. The main damage is from the sneak monsters of tenyi striker and uraeus. Here is the full lineup and let us look at a battle showing off this strategy. Link to the full battle is as follows:

Venari Heatsmith.png

Tank: Heatsmith
Support: Shaman, Brute, Ooze
DPS: Striker, Uraeus

Round 1


A perfect mana for the strategy mentioned above as anywhere below 21 mana seems to be the sweet spot. My opponent brought an interesting strategy which does not represent the usual magic spam this team does real well against. Highlighting this however shows off the power of the team given it can hold up against melee and ranged attacks as well. HEre in round 1 my fiend goes out from his deeplurker but I am able to wittle down his swimhunter.

Round 2


Round 2 is not looking great for me as the heatsmith goes down and my uraeus in vulnerable to the deeplurker attack. The brute drops in the first position waiting for a sethropod and pixie hit. This is where I was a bit nervous.

Round 3


Things are turning a bit for me as his main damage dealer is down to three health at this time waiting for my striker to hit. The brute is holding up strong and needs to stay alive long enough for the striker to hit.

Round 4

Because my striker is leveled up I go first and take out his deeplurker. The match gets a bit too close for my liking due to some misses from the pixie. Eventually the striker deals the finishing blow a wins me the match.

splinterlands breaker.png

As you can see, this low to mid mana strategy works well against magic spam as well as melee heavy teams making it a high win probability team. Now we will review the high mana water strategy however I was unable to find a battle for this one to breakdown so everyone will have to use your imagination haha.

Water Strategy

Kelya Frendul.jpg

Now that we have seen a low to mid mana fire strategy we will look at a high mana water team. Similarly, we will defend against magic and then adjust accordingly. The legionnaire and river hellondale are my go to combo as the resurrect makes it almost impossible for a magic spam team to get through and win. The deeplurker and axemaster are the main damage dealers on this team as well as nerissa tridawn with the magic. The deeplurker picks off any backline monster without a shield for the most part and the heavy damage up front from nerissa and axemaster widdle down your opponent's tank. The one shield from kelya prevents a sneak or snipe approach from a non-magic spam team. Here is the breakdown in list form for the team

Tank: Alvar
Support: Hellondale
DPS: Deeplurker, Axemaster, Nerissa

Legionnaire Alvar.png

Hopefully this helps some bronze players to climb the ranks quicker as well as sets some rental targets for these players. It can be tough and frustrating at this level especially against bots knowing the best play. These teams seem to counter those plays well and offer flexibility in several rulesets as well as mana. Please upvote or comment if you have found good success with these teams whether in ranked play or tournament play.