Odd Ones Out: Larissa best seven cost in the game?


In this battle mage secrets, we have the ruleset odd ones out which means you have to play only odd numbered cards. There are definitely some meta cards in this mana range and some meta strategies in my opinion for this ruleset. As usual, we will go over the strategies to begin with and then breakdown the a battle using Larissa mentioned above. This will be a treat in my opinion as it is an alpha beta fray and using a gladiator card which I do not get to play much in ranked. If you want to see the full battle, please use the following link: https://splinterlands.com/?p=battle&id=sm_eDqgaPQN0hbGzAXSKb1g


1. Resurrect play with Agor: One play I always try in this ruleset with mid to high mana matches is a resurrect play with Agor. He is an absolute beast and add a few resurrects makes him very resilient. If you are lucky enough to have a level three oshur, you can even add in a heal along with a sneaky play using my divine healer on the life team. Life and Water are the two teams I usually use for this strategy as there is another resurrect outside of oshur along with wavesmith for more void armor and the soulbound turtle with repair and three ranged damage.

2. Sneak: Another common play you will see especially in low mana is a sneak play. Most sneak monsters are three and five mana which is perfect for this ruleset. One card that is underrated here is the silvershield assassin in wild as he hits real hard and can give you a mid mana sneak play with the other life cards.

3. Phase with regal peryton: This is really just a low mana play but I have found good success with a phase play using regal peryton as well as void dragon. You can boost your chances even further by adding an ooze to slow down your opponent or a speed boost with the brownie on earth.

splinterlands breaker.png

Battle Breakdown: Round 1


For our battle we will go over, it is an alpha beta silver fray for my brawl on the sponsored Juice Team I am lucky to be a part of. We have no melee, odd ones out, and blast. No melee screams magic obviously and blast means we have to be fast and resilient in terms of the health of our monsters. In Round 1, I was really happy I brought my peaceful giant to soak up some blast damage along with my healing gold dragon to protect Larissa. Adding in the spirit of the forest was nice as well to keep Lord A alive along with hitting some snipe damage to avoid his giant. My opponent had a good play with the giant up front and healing range monster. Larissa completes a great round 1 by getting two bloodlust boost by knocking out his giant and elemental.

Round 2


Pretty short battle after this as his health pool and resiliency is quite low. The spirit of the forest leads off by knocking out his triage monster and then the steam roll continues. Larissa fittingly knocks out his last monster and it is all over.

splinterlands breaker.png

As you can tell, Larissa is very powerful here along with Delwyn and can get going real quick. Another gladius card in Captain Katie is also a good play here. Hopefully you enjoyed this breakdown and have a few new strategies to use for this ruleset. Please upvote or comment if you have any other strategies you enjoy using for this specific ruleset.


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