Peakmonsters: Best way to save money in Splinterlands!


This article will be focused on the Peakmonsters site and how it has helped me save money and time when purchasing splinterlands assets. There is no better site to look to for market data whether it be renting cards to stack your deck, monster card flipping, or viewing recent proposals before they hit the main site. The deep dive we will enter today is looking at the compare menu on peakmonsters buy section and how you can use three of those options to save significant amounts of money. Using this for one BCX buys or even more importantly when looking at multiple BCX buys, can really make your dollar go the extra mile. Without further delay, let us get into the breakdown and please use the following link to join splinterlands and take advantage of this fantastic TCG as well as all the third party sites that go along with it:

1. Low Price vs. High Bid


Our first tab brings on something very useful for buying one BCX cards for your deck or for monster flipping. As you see in the picture above, there is a low buy price representing what someone is already willing to sell the card for and you can buy immediately. However, for the baakjira you can see there is a % difference in the low buy and the high bid price. That means that a bidder is only willing to pay 30% less than the low price currently. If you were to come in and place a bid at say 6.52, you would be the highest bidder and possibly pick up a baakjira at this price if a seller comes in and auto sets their price to the high bid price rather than the low buy price. This is a great way to scan cards and see where there is room to save money along with a percent ROI for a card flipper especially when there is such a large gap as you see in the first two cards. I personally use this tab when looking at buying legendaries and summoners to see if I can save a few bucks given they are higher price cards.

2. Gold vs. Regular % difference


Next we have the gold to regular price difference tab. There is no doubt this tab has probably saved me the most money on common and rare cards and here is why. The tab compares to regular foil to gold foil low buy prices and presents that on the far right. For this example, we have CL common cards which you need 14 cards to make a level 3 card. The gold card however begins at level 3 so a savvy player would recognize that any card that has a difference of less than 14 would be a good buy. You are paying less overall for the Gold foil Stitch leech at level three compared to regular foil here and if you are going to level this card up to that level anyways, it is really a no brainer. Take into account the gold foil tournaments, brawl frays, and r share bonuses and it really becomes a great buying opportunity. That is why this is probably my favorite tab on the compare window.

3. Price Gap


The last tab is for the card flipper in us all and when you are looking at boosting your earnings in that way. The tab compares the lowest buy price and the second lowest as you can see above. Naturally, one could use this tab to look at flipping opportunities as you could buy a card and then immediately re-list it at a higher price earning you a nice easy ROI. In this example, let us dive deeper into the defender of truth card which is a little more reasonable for a common player to purchase compared to the top 2. Purchasing this card for 17 and then relisting for 23 would earn you 6 dollars and after fees approximately a 30% return on your investment. The time it takes to get that return is somewhat risky however if you are able to identify high usage cards that are great at one BCX, it can usually provide some great value to you in order to level up your deck or earnings from the game.

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As you can see, Peakmonsters is a fantastic market for all things Splinterlands and allows players of all kinds to save money and level up their decks in a cost effective way. It also provides a gamification/trading aspect to card purchases that appeal to investors where actual gameplay does not. The sheer amount of data to digest makes it so you could spend all day analyzing purchase opportunities and also allows for easier tracking of your own data and deck value. This is only the tip of the iceberg in Peakmonsters and I encourage everyone to take a look at the site if they have not to this point. Here is the link to the website ( and please upvote or comment if you have any other tabs you enjoy using on this great website.