Quix the Devious: Going the Distance Summoner


The battle challenge this week includes dragons and so I wanted to highlight one of my favorite summoners Quix the Devious. Long lost in the shuffle at times with other chaos legendary summoners, Quix can be quite helpful in a variety of rulesets along with the biggest boost of just allowing dragon cards to be used. One of those rulesets I have really enjoyed using Quix in has been the new going the distance ruleset. This ruleset makes ranged monsters the only viable monsters for your team making an interesting meta. Initially, fernheart was the best guess at who would be best in this ruleset and he is still quite strong but not unbeatable in my opinion. The minus one range and speed make your monsters more resilient when they do drop into the first position while also allowing for a higher miss chance. Before we get into the battle showing this strategy and the superiority of Quix, let us breakdown one of the other dragon cards I used in this strategy and what he can do.

Berix Snakeye


The weapons training monster for the dragon team is Berix. The ultimate snipe defender in my opinion while also simultaneously boosting some of your no attack monsters is pretty special. In the battle below, you will see him used in this way for an opportunity attack which is also quite powerful giving him 11 hit points against all attacks rather than just five. Getting him to max level will be important for the higher level players so that way you can get two ranged attack instead of just one for your support monsters. Now that he is covered, let us breakdown the battle and see how quix and berix get me the win in the going the distance match. The link to the full battle is as follows:

Round 1


Without fernheart avaiable, Quix is the obvious choice in my opinion and fire is the element I like pairing with Quix given the speed manipulation, headwinds from ash mirage, and close range monsters like lava launcher and ash golem. A mistake on my part by putting the supply runner ahead of berix given the opportunity strategy I mentioned before but it luckily did not cost me the match. This round I am able to eliminate his gargoya devil while also getting a few misses on my supply runner making him last longer to soak up some hits from my opponent's drybone raider.

Round 2


A pretty even match so far and this continues through the second round. His prismologist goes down along with my berix as his drybone raider was a great choice for this ruleset and is dealing heavy damage. My lava launcher will now be the main opportunity target which is good for me giving all the shield it has.

Round 3


The speed nerf from Quix along with the speed buff of countess really come in handy here as I eliminate his arbelist quickly and then get a clutch miss from the drybone raider on my lava launcher keeping him alive for one more round. This allows him to drop one more four bomb on my opponent before being eliminated in the next round.

Round 4


This is the beginning of the end for my opponent as my lava launcher finishes off his air elemental and now his drybone can only use melee attacks rather than his ranged as well. The match finished up in round six and the strategy was a success.

dragon page breaker.png

As you can see, quix is a fantastic option for the going the distance ruleset especially when paired with some of the great dragon cards like berix. He does not get alot of love in the legendary summoner realm but can be useful in so many ways that I believe he is undervalued. Please upvote or comment if you have any other spots you love quix in as well as if you have had the opportunity to play Berix yet.