RiftWatchers Gold Foil Targets: 1 BCX Good Enough?


In this article, we will breakdown three cards that I believe are good gold foil purchases. My strategy behind gold foil cards for the most part is buying up ones that I will use alot but are not ones that gain significant stats or abilities at higher levels. For context, this type of strategy is mainly for bronze to gold league players as of course cards get better as they get to gold level and beyond. These cards will be on my radar as prices go down as supply comes on board. They should really boost my play style as well as offer greater investment potential for the future. If you would like to enter this great TCG and play with the cards mentioned below, please use the following link: https://splinterlands.com?ref=bluedevil0722

1. Time Meddler

Time Meddler.png

We start with the time meddler who is a relatively underwhelming card but can be quite effective in certain rulesets. He does not receive any attack buffs or abilities as the levels go up until gold making it a nice gold foil buy in my opinion. Use cases for this card is in a heavy magic play from life using djinn renova and adelaide, no range rulesets, and super sneak battles as you can use this as a sneak protector due to the dodge and can slow your opponent down with time mage making a possible 45% dodge chance. Currently this card is selling for around $1.50 when in comparison the venari knifer for chaos legion sells around .50 per BCX for gold foil. These cards have similar uses cases in my opinion so that may be a better buy in price for the meddler in the future.

2. Ash Mirage

Ash Mirage.png

This card I think will be quite helpful on the fire team in modern tournaments with the addition of fernheart as well as rulesets such as close range or no melee/magic rulesets. Playing this card in the backline in no magic matchups can allow you to nerf your opponent's range while your shield monsters such as antoid platoon can be more resilient up front getting possibly no damage from ranged opponents. The mirage does get an attack boost at level 4 however I do not believe that will be game changing as this card is mainly a meat shield in the back and also a range attack nerf. Currently sitting at $2.80, the mirage is definitely overpriced in my opinion as you should wait till the price cools down to pick up this card. Will be on my list of targets though for sure.

3. Lemell Refugee

Lemell Refugee.png

The refugee was one of my favorite cards I was looking forward to before the changes as the enrage and high speed would have been great with the water deck as well as with the phase dragon summoner. It still has its use case against magic spam however especially if paired with river hellondale and the resurrect. No attack or ability buffs for this card until gold league so one BCX should do for lower level players. It also gets its third attack right off the bat in gold foil which is nice. Sitting at $1.28 this card is more appropriately priced than the rest and one that may see a good buying opportunity in the next few weeks.

BONUS: Summoners

Summoners are also a great pick up in gold foil even with the high price tags given the use case in bronze league. These cards will see good rental prices in my opinion for the long term for both bronze ranked play as well as tournaments. Lastly, bronze gold foil brawls will present a must have for higher competition given the rare card boost the epic summoners give. A hefty price tag for these cards currently going for around $30 but present the greatest long term investment potential out of the cards presented.

splinterlands breaker.png

Hopefully you enjoyed this breakdown and it was thought provoking on how I look at gold foil cards. Please upvote or comment if you have any other gold foil targets you are looking at in the RW set.


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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

This is a good selection from common cards, each one of those can be used in a very good position on the battlefield.