RiftWatchers Summoner Speculation

summoner spec.png

In this article, we will have some fun and speculate about the new riftwatchers summoners coming out. There is no inside information here and just something to think about as the new mini set comes out. I like to go through this thought process as some cards could really see a boost in price with an added ability for their splinter. Adelaide brightwing is a good example with the grandmaster rathe addition and there will be others in the future. Without further a due, let us get into it.

Fire Summoner

Rust is the ability I think makes a lot of sense for the fire team. Shields have been more and more prevalent with queen mycelia to kelya to grandmaster rathe. Being so melee heavy, this is really a problem for the fire team. Adding a rust summoner would even the playing field by allowing the heavy melee attacks to hit hard rather than be wasted on one shield.

Water Summoner

Close range would be a nice addition to the water team in my opinion. Archers such as kulu and axemaster would see a bump in usability as well as more rare cards such as poseidon. These cards are really somewhat unplayable in water at times given the melee and magic heavy attacks water deals out.

Life Summoner

Blind is the ability to pair with the new summoner I have speculated on. Speed is an issue for the life archers and blind would even the playing field a bit giving some extra chances for misses from life's opponent. Without this type of ability, the archers and even melee monsters are easy targets for all attack types.

Death Summoner

This may be the most controversial one in my opinion but I would really love to see phase for an ability for death. It is usually the nerf or defensive summoner and this would follow suit. There are some high speed monsters such as soulstorm as well as silent sha vi that would really be able to turn the tide against the magic spam that is seen in many leagues.

Earth Summoner

Frankly, the green team needs probably the least amount of buffs from a new summoner given llama and mylor and obsidian have almost every ruleset covered in terms of an advantage. With that being said, retaliate would be an interesting ability for the new epic summoner. There would be some significant RNG in using this summoner which would make every match against it quite entertaining to watch.

dragon page breaker.png

The last point I will make on this specualtion is my thought is these summoners will be 2 mana. This will replace the previous epic summoners from beta in the modern format. They will also create a pivotal role in low mana games. Hopefully you enjoyed this fun exercises and I would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments.


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