Soulbound Arrival: Swamp Spitter to the Rescue!


This weeks battle challenge post will include one of the new soulbound reward cards that I received in a daily chest. It has been a blast anxiously awaiting getting these cards and then deploying them in battle with the swamp spitter being a pleasant surprise for me. As usual, we will breakdown the card to begin with and then examine the battle round by round. To view the full battle, please use the following link:

Swamp Spitter


Pretty powerful card at level one in my opinion and will be a must have for every bronze and silver players. A high mana creature with an attack and repair was desperately needed in the game and water fits perfect for the turtle. Kelya giving one shield and then pairing with another reward card in the wavesmith, ensures the spitter will have shields to repair and making it especially annoying for your opponent. The 3 ranged attack at level four is where the turtle takes the next step and then again at gold league level 6 where it gets giant killer. Given it is high mana, it is perfect to have giant killer given it will probably face some 10 plus mana monsters especially in the form of taunt monsters. Two other cards that the swamp spitter would like is the scavo hireling as well as arkemis the bear. Now let us get into breaking down the battle to see how the swamp spitter shines.

Round 1


Nothing really special about the rulesets here except for the rise of the commons as it really limits some heavy magic damage dealers and why I went with a shield heavy team and the repair monster. Luckily, I was renting an alric so I could counter a similar strategy from my opponent to get the victory. The lemelle refuge is a great card for a tank given the void armor and gets boosted with the wavesmith and spitter. In round 1, both our refugees go down and we are left with our squids as the secondary tanks. The opponent has some heat in the backline so I am a little worried but the shields will come in clutch as you will see.

Round 2


Given all my damage is too his tank, I am able to eliminate his squid where he was not able to eliminate mine but rather just enrage it. At the end of the round, the spitter repairs two shield which may make a difference in the next round wasting one of his opponent's hits.

Round 3


No luck on the shield saving my squid as he goes down, however the repair does provide a great benefit at the end of the round wasting a six bomb from his sand worm on my ghost. The swamp spitter was also the monster dealing the finishing blow on his ghost moving the sandworm to the front.

Round 4


Not looking great after this round as my ghost is gone and the wavesmith is in front looking at a nine attack sandworm with higher speed. The spitter comes in handy again by giving the wavesmith back it's two shield delaying one of his melee or ranged attacks. Let us see what happens.

Round 5


My water elemental eliminates his sandworm and the match is over after that. One attack wavesmith and the gargoya devil will not be able to eliminate my wavemsith given the repair of the spitter and the match ends in round 8 from a water elemental blow.

splinterlands breaker.png

There is not doubt the spitter was a valuable member of the team if not the most valuable with the timely repairs as well as the two ranged damage. This card continues to find it's way into my high mana lineups and also pairs really well with another void armor monster in agor longtail. Please upvote or comment if you enjoyed this breakdown and if you have any other use cases for this common soulbound monster.


In a way, it's a shame, not being able to buy or rent these new cards. But it makes each account have a character of its own.