Soulbound Summoner Spotlight: Eternan Brune


In this article, we are going to breakdown the fire soulbound summoner and how effective it may be when it comes to bringing gladiator cards in play. It would also be important for us to look at the comparable rare chaos summoner to see if there is a significant nerf you are taking by using the soulbound summoner compared to the chaos one. This breakdown is very important for the budget conscious player as you are basically getting a free summoner and if it is comparable to the chaos summoner you just saved some significant money especially at higher levels. Before we begin, please follow the link to join the game and start earning these great soulbound cards:

Eternan Brune

Eternan brude.jpg

A fantastic art card as where else can you play a llamator into battle. Art aside, the two shield is really a nice compliment to the melee heavy fire team given the presence of lux and kelya. No doubt, cards like grum and all the sneak cards on fire will benefit from this summoner. Personally, minus two shields in the way I play fire is more powerful than Tarsa giving the plus melee and hearts as heavy damage is only good if it is not running into shields.

Eternan looks pretty good so far but now we have to look at the gladiator cards for fire and see if they are worth playing or add extra synergy to the fire team. There were three cards in my opinion that really play well with the current fire meta and we will break them down below.

1. Orella Abadon


Sneak is already the meta for fire as well as several other splinters especially in low mana matches. Orella is a fantastic addition to the fire team adding to tenyi striker as well as uraeus. For those that are wild players like myself, kobold miner and elvin cutthroat are two more low mana monsters that can make a heavy hitting sneak team under 20 mana.

2. Chimney Wallstop


Fire has an appealing team in low mana with cards like grum and tusk the wide as tanks and radiated brute as well as mordeus for backline monsters. Chimney makes for a heavy hitting tank that is only more likely to hit with the minus two shield making a bloodlust even more likely. You could technically have two back to back bloodlusts to start a game with grum and chimney hitting your opponents tank. The repair it gets at level five is even more special however there are very few players with that many BCX. We can only wish we get him to that level some day.

3. Fina Vexom


Naturally, the legendary gladius cards are quite strong and Fina is no different. Three opportunity attack and then four with piercing is pretty ridiculous. Add on that you are removing the shields and even at level one this card can be a great pairing with mordeus as well as serpentine spy for an opportunity fire team. Opportunity is even greater for a gladius card due to the bloodlust making this card get out of hand quickly.

splinterlands breaker.png

As you can hopefully now see, this summoner is going to be quite powerful for the fire team in my opinion especially going against tarsa mirror matches in most rulesets. As the llamator gets opened more and more, I believe in lower leagues you will see this card a lot and will make wins for kelya teams a bit harder. Please upvote or comment if you have been lucky enough to pull this card and how your experience has been with it.