Soulbound Summoner Spotlight: Franz Ruffmane


Next on the list is the big and bold Franz ruffmane. No doubt he looks like a leader and fits well with the life lore. We have already reviewed a few big time summoners so let us get into the card stats to see how he adds up and then breakdown the biggest gladius cards for the life splinter. To earn cards like this great lion, please use the following link to join Splinterlands:

Franz Ruffmane


The one shield can be quite powerful as we have seen with lux and kelya especially in lower leagues where there is minimal to no rust cards. Repair monsters are also readily available for life with adelaide and in higher leagues the loan boatman. He has been especially powerful in chaos only tournaments as life does not hold up against water without the taunting shieldbearer or rathe. Being able to add the shield allows you to go toe to toe with kelya and allow the gladius cards for life to shine. Speaking of the gladius cards, let us breakdown the three most important ones in my opinion.

Captain Katie

Captain Katie.png

One of the best if not the best rare gladius cards is captain katie. Three magic snipe damage can pick off some of those squishy backline monsters and also deal heavy damage to a taunt monster as well. It is easy to get the bloodlust with this card with the heavy magic attack as well as pairs well with cards like the silvershield sheriff who also have snipe. It will probably take me forever but getting to level four would prove to be unbelievably powerful in silver league with the four snipe damage as not many creatures are surviving that hit.

Sola Ranjell

Sola Ranjell.png

A card I do not own currently but could prove to be powerful in certain matchups. If playing in modern, this card can be real nice to pair with the crystal smith to keep a uriel or other tank alive in the front like shieldbearer. Playing in wild, you can pair this with the divine healer and be doing some serious heals that can really annoy your opponent.

Marisol Contuma

Marisol Contuma.png

Marisol was my first gold foil epic gladius card and has helped we win a few battles over my time in brawls. The challenge with this card is the creation of corsair bosun. Corsair with the relfection shield and four damage make it a comparable card to marisol and so it does not see as much play in ranked due to this. One area where I have seen this card really play nicely is in melee from any position and sneak matchups. You can have marisol as well as jared scar for two bloodlusts in high mana matchups which is unique to life. The high speed is quite nice in no magic rulesets as well which could be boosted by adelaide, supply runner, and the unicorn in high league battles.

splinterlands breaker.png

Life has one of the most powerful gladius cards in the game especially in rise of the commons ruleset. The shields from franz make it a higher mana tyrus and can be realy powerful in weak magic as well as no magic rulesets. If you do not have rathe, this card is a must have for all players in my opinion as it is more powerful than General Sloan. Please upvote or comment if you enjoyed this breakdown and have any other gladius cards you like to use with Franz in ranked play.


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