Soulbound Summoner Spotlight: Lobb Lowland



Our third soulbound summoner spotlight includes probably the most sought after rare summoner outside of dragon in Lobb Lowland. The monster gorilla has some real heavy hitters on the green team in gladius cards including the all powerful Quorra. As usual, let us look at Lobb’s stats first and then examine the gladius cards mentioned above. If you would like a chance to get this great card as well as several others for free just for playing, please use the following link:

Lobb Lowland

Lobb Lowland.png

One speed is quite good as I have won mirror matchups with quix and other summoners where one speed is the difference between eliminating your opponent before your monster dies or getting a key miss. This is even more important given all the slow monsters on the green team such as mycelic morphoid, goblin psychic, and queen mycelia. Further speed manipulation that can be achieved with green is using brownie and supply runner for a speed boost.

Katrelba Gobson

Katrelba Gobson.png

Double strike sneak is so powerful in the meta both in ranked and brawl formats. Pairing her with the dhampir infiltrator can hurt real bad for your opponent if they are unprepared. With relatively moderate speed for both of these monsters, the minus one speed is important to make sure they fire before other sneak monsters such as the tenyi striker and a lower level feral spirit.


Quora Towershead.png

With no introduction or explanation really needed, quora is the best gladius card in the game especially considering it is a non legendary monster. The double attack and heal make it super resilient giving more of a chance for a bloodlust. Add in queen mycelia, martyr cards, and goblin psychic for another heal and mid mana matches almost unbeatable when bringing in this card along with lobb.

Jini Guise

Jini Guise.png

Getting this card I was a little underwhelmed for a legendary monster but have recently found a niche area where you want to use this card along with queen mycelia. In little league matches, there is not a whole bunch of magic monsters especially ones that deal two damage. Using this card along with queen, you can stack up on sneak and opportunity monsters on the green team packing a big punch as your opponent runs into more and more shields. The blind at level 2 would be super nice to have in the future as silver league does not have many blind monsters.

splinterlands breaker.png

As you can see, Lobb is a great summoner to get and the best one of the rare summoners outside of dragon. The green gladius cards are superior to most other splinters and give a boost to a team that can be pretty weak in no magic or weak magic rulesets. Please upvote or comment if you have any other gladius cards you like to use with Lobb.


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