Tenyii Striker: The Sneak Assassin


The battle challenge for this week includes the tenyii striker. One of my favorite rare cards from chaos legion and a must have for all players in my opinion. There is a low mana strategy I use that centers around the striker and has worked well for me as we will see below. Let us look at the stats first and then the battle.

Tenyii Striker


High speed and heavy sneak damage is the key value for this card. Three damage at level three with three speed and six health is great for a five mana card. Often, this card can be used as a sneak attacker and blocker given the high health points and speed. Getting this card to level 4 really brings it to a whole new level with the addition of the dodge. Overall, the striker is one of the first cards to level up for new players in my opinion given the heavy sneak meta across fire as well as dragon. Now we will look at the low mana sneak play I like to use featuring the samurai.

Round 1


At 21 mana, you want to still fill your lineup and deal out as much damage as possible. Fire is great for this in my opinion given the low cost monsters that are buffed by tarsa. In this matchup, I start with the heatsmith to protect against all attacks up front. He can be a real pain for heavy tanks given the shields. Sneak along with the weakness from the shaman is where the DPS comes from including our friend the striker. In round 1, we take out his naga assassin and our heatsmith held up well against my opponent's magic dealer.

Round 2


My team continues to pick off the backline by eliminating the stitch leech and knocking down the armor for the renova. The heatmsith is holding up nicely as my main tank and the only monster to go down is my ooze.

Round 3


Big hit from the striker knocks out my opponent's largest DPS cards. At that point, it is all over and the rest of my sneak monsters pick off his remains of his team.

DEC breaker.png

As you can see, low mana sneak for fire is a great play in lower leagues and the striker is the main damage dealer for this strategy. Getting him up to level 4 is my next goal to get the dodge and make him an even better offensive sneak blocker. Please upvote or comment if you will be adding him to your team.