Three Alpha Cards for Future Value Appreciation

Three Undervalued Alpha Cards!.png

In this article, we will look at three alpha cards that I think are severely undervalued right now in the current market. We will take one from each rarity leaving out legendary as those cards are out of most players price range. Alpha and beta have been left for dead to some extent since the new modern and wild format. With land coming out and boosts given to alpha and beta as well as continued alpha and beta frays/tourneys, I think these cards will see significant usage in the game. As always this is not financial advice.

1. Kobold Miner

This card saw a huge boost at the beginning of the year with Tarsa being released as well as several other sneak monsters. Sneak meta seems to be here to stay and the miner pairs greatly with fire across the board. There are three summoners that give plus one melee on fire as well as daria on dragon. Those summoners make the kobold miner a great card to have even at 1 BCX. Peaking at $17.3 six months ago, the kobold miner is currently sitting at $6.81. Seems like a no brainer to me. 

2. Twisted Jester

A rare card boasting two ranged snipe damage to start is unique card in splinterlands. The death team has magi necrosi as well as dark elemental giving a strong snipe team not including neutral cards with snipe such as the mantoid. Unlike many ranged cratures, the jester is quite fast with three speed at level one. One BCX cost around $34 six months ago and now currently stands around $5.9. That would be a 6x value increase if only it returned to previous highs. 

3. Magi of the Forest

The magi has seen more play of late with the obsidian combo but the alpha card has not seen the relative price increase to back that up. Two magic damage at 4 mana is a great card no matter what and with the obsidian buff it is a really broken card in low mana matchups. High prices stand around $48 and now are at $26. That is not a bad price considering there are only 1,600 currently in circulation. 

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As you can see, these cards have dropped off considerable just like other splinterlands assets have over the past six months. If willing to play the long term, these assets seem destined to return to their previous highs given rarity, unique boosts in the game, and overall collectability. If you would like to join this great blockchain game, please use this link


I like the opportunity given to players that invest in the market for cards.
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