Three Discounted RW Gold Cards


In this post, we will look at three RW cards that are currently selling at a discount in gold foil. The discount I am referring to is that it is around the same price to buy a gold foil card than leveling up a regular foil to the same level. This is quite unique as gold foil cards are more rare, offer r share bonuses, can be used in gold foil tournaments and brawls, and offer greater CP per bcx. For all those reasons, it is in my opinion that it is a great buying opportunity for these cards or at the very least to keep on eye on them for the future as RW card prices decrease with supply coming on board. Now we will break down the three cards that were mentioned above.

1. Whelp Herder (0.25, 3.30)

Whelp Herder.png

Level three is the sweet spot for this card as it gets an extra melee attack there. This is also the break point for bronze league level making it a nice tournament addition. As you can see, a regular foil level three herder is only 20 cents higher than the gold foil addition. There is not much more of a bonus to level this card up further unless going to gold or higher so for me as a silver player this was a great pickup.

2. Arachne Thug (0.14, 1.77)

Arachne Thug.png

Another level three common monster target here in my opinion. Gaining another melee attack at level three only costs you about 15 more cents. This card really elevates the death team in my opinion as the thug has greater speed, attack, and shield than the chaos reach monster. Unlike the herder, the trample ability comes at level five which is quite nice and worth the level up. That will be my target over the next few weeks after this great deal.

3. Cabalist (0.61, 4.88)


We have a rare monster filling out the list here. This is also the best deal of them all based on the data. It would cost about a dollar less to take this card to level three in gold foil compared to regular foil. Two magic and amplify is quite nice along with the giant killer at level three is a beast in bronze in my opinion especially when combining with windiku.

splinterlands breaker.png

There you have it. Three cards that seem like a nice buy right now in the market. These were found using peakmonsters gold to regular foil comparison tool. As a rule if a common or rare card is less than 14x gold to regular, that seems to indicate a good buying price. May be a interesting new tool to use for other sets as well. Hope you enjoyed this breakdown and please comment if there are any other deals that look good to you all.