Three Must Have Wild Reward Cards!


In this article, we will look at three wild reward cards that are must have in my opinion if you are playing in the wild format. The focus will be on one bcx cards for the budget conscious so we may be leaving out some strong monsters who get crazy good at higher levels. Legendary cards will also be excluded here as their value is inherently quite known in my opinion. Without further delay, let us get into the three cards. If you want to enjoy playing these great cards in the great TCG known as Splinterlands, please use the following link to join:

1. Mushroom Seer

Mushroom Seer.png

Silence and two magic damage is great in all formats in this game however with the addition of obsidian, this card goes from good to great. Nerfing your opponents magic allows you to win mirror matchups and dealing out three magic to boot. A great option in lower mana set ups pairing with the wood nymph to heal your tank can really be frustrating to deal with. The seer gets poison and more damage at higher levels but one bcx really can do it for you in terms of gameplay at all levels.

2. Goblin Mech

Goblin Mech.png

Using this card in melee from any position and sneak rulesets can really set your deck apart from others. Piercing eats through any shield and the shields on the mech protect against thorn plays from your opponent. 4 damage at level one is fantastic and the only downside is the low health pool which is why it shines in the rulesets mentioned above. At 0.44 right now, this is a steal in my opinion and a great long term hold.

3. Serpentine Mystic

Serpentine Mystic.png

A surprising pick you might think here but a card I have really enjoyed using in certain circumstances. Low mana plays often include a healing tank like cerberus or monk as well as tank heal monsters such as the crystalsmith. There are very few low mana affliction monsters outside of blight which makes this card a sneaky play. The damage is nothing special but you know it will hit as there are few low mana void monsters. Pairing this card with delwyn makes it even better obviously. The other situation this card shines in is equalizer as heals are very often used in this context and often allows me to play a chaos dragon or other high DPS card without sacrificing playing the affliction monster.

splinterlands breaker.png

These cards have fallen off the meta due to the format split however are game changing in certain rulesets as mentioned above. These cards that are relatively cheap in my opinion could be a great long term investment given their relatively low supply compared to modern reward cards and unique configuration. They will also be key to have in any guild brawls that include reward cards in all editions. Please upvote or comment if you have any other older reward cards that you like to use in the wild format.


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