Xenith Archer: The Slow Mercenary!

The Slow Mercenary.png

In this challenge, we will examine the xenith archer. This is a niche card which is very deadly in the right setting as you will see below. First we will look at the stats for the card and then a battle involving the archer

Xenith Archer


This card is your definition of a DPS monster with the occasional use for a meat shield. The low speed naturally puts this card in the reverse speed matchup category and is relatively unusable in bronze and silver in other rulesets. At gold level, this card gains more utility given the extra range damage and higher level of speed. Now let us look at a battle using the archer to its fullest potential. Link to the full battle is here: https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_8569bdd99142f1ef141b4ab786d11f56&ref=bluedevil0722

Round 1


My opponent went with a sea monster which is a great monster to have in a reverse speed ruleset. However, it being leveled up and using kelya it makes the sea monster less viable compared to my lower speed monsters. Seeing in the past my opponent's use of this monster, I went with dr blight for the affliction along with my low speed archers including the xenith archer. Round 1 plays out perfectly for me getting that affliction on my first hit. My scrapper goes down but the sea monster is vulnarable without the heal.

Round 2


In round 2, I am able to eliminate his sea monster and have my damage dealers untouched in the backline. The game naturally finishes up in round 3 with me finishing off his ooze and chicken.

dragon page breaker.png

The archer is a great card in this ruleset paired with general sloan. These niche cards can be game changers and there are loads of them throughout chaos legion. Hopefully you enjoyed this recap and please upvote or comment with any other strategies you like to use the xenith archer in.