Quora Towershead - My New Gladius Hero


Our guild recently finished a Guild Gladius Brawl and I earned enough Merits to purchase another pack of Gladius cards. This was a very nice pack, with two rare cards and two epic cards, one of which was my first Quora Towershead.


Let me tell you a little bit about Quora. She comes from a mountain-dwelling clan from the upper Seed Mountains of Anumün and she's all about being the best warrior she can be. Although she's the last of her family name (no sons left to carry on the family name) she's not interested in getting married and providing new heirs. Her family finally realized this and came up with a plan to put her talents to use when they found this posting in the village square calling for Gladiators:

It was a call for Gladiators to Mount Mox. These Gladiators would be professional fighters in the arena, warriors in a new form of civilized combat to ensure the ongoing peace in the Splinterlands. They would fight daily under the magical protection of the sacred arena grounds. While the pain would be very real with each battle, the Gladiators would be placed in no true danger. Instead, the magical protection would allow them to be physically renewed every time they left the circle of combat, even if they were slain.

Quora packed her bags and headed for Gloridax to join the camp of Gladiator warriors. Although she was afraid, she knew her superior fighting skills would hold her in good standing and she looked forward with anticipation to begin her battles.


You can see how even her novice skills at Level 1 - Bloodlust and Heal - will make her a formidable opponent in the arena. And with two methods of attack and 11 lives, she will already be a good tank choice in battle. But just wait until she matures and reaches Level 6! By adding Immunity and Dispel, she'd be a great counter when Poison is used and the opposing Guild has blocked the use of the Scarred Llama Mage.


If you haven't battled much in the Guild Brawl arena you may not be aware of the buff called Bloodlust. What Bloodlust does is allow her to become more powerful as the battle continues. Every time she defeats a monster she receives a +1 on each of her stats. This means her magic would increase to 3, her melee would increase to 3, her speed would increase to 4, and her remaining lives would increase by 1. And this happens each time she is able to defeat an opponent. Quite the handy set of skills!

How can you get this card for yourself? There's only ONE way. Battle in the Gladius brawls as part of your Guild. Then as you earn Merits for the brawls you can buy Gladius packs, but only in the Guild Store. There is no buying them on the market because they can't be SOLD or DELEGATED. So get your battle gear on and get assigned to a Guild Brawl.

Quora and I hope to see you in the Arena soon!








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