Few beginner tips, things i wish i had known starting Splinterlands


Hey guys, as a noob in the NFT gaming industry, and in crypto in general, here are a few tips i wish i'd known before playing Splinterlands.

The first thing would be renting cards, as a new player you have the option to rent with credits.
It is the icon on the far right side to power up credits, and you only need a Visa to do so, no crypto involved.

Don't discard that option because you could easily get a few cards / summoners for cheap at the beginning of a new season (they reset every two weeks) and those rentals would give you a great push towards earning more DEC and daily rewards if you manage to go higher in leagues.

The second part is knowing how to get enough Power to climb ladders as you often don't get enough with the cards you rented to have a fighting chance back.

This would be the chart to look at. To give you an example : 1 Legendary (rarity) card is worth 3000 power if it is issued out off Alpha, Beta or Promo edition, and so on.

The third thing i wish i'd new beforehand would be simply knowing this website, by posting blogs in here you can earn a new token called SPT, with this token you could earn SPS airdrops which is an airdropped token ingame based on your collection power, the amount of DEC you have, the amount of gold foils and whatnot, see ingame for more details.

And finally the last thing i wish i'd knew would be that joining a guild can incentive you towards a few things, for example, DEC bonusses, shop discounts, the ability to join guild Brawls (which is another battle system that grants you merits that you can use in guild shops) and the access to a community that could help you out.

Last few things, don't forget there is an official discord, here's the link : https://discord.gg/VPCDNwAF There is a Splinterlands category on twitch now (few great streamers there) and there's tons of infos to get out of those. Thank you and i hoped this helped.


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