Sand Worm the backline breaker giveaway results


Sorry for being a few minutes late. Like I said two days ago, I got one Sand Worm in a giveaway and I'm giving in back because I already have one. I should probably keep it to combine with others to level it up but meh... I'll do that later. I really like Sand Worm from time to time because it deals a huge amount of damage. Combined with another card or summoner that gives +1 melee, it can be devastating.


  • Deals high damage to the backline because of it's sneak ability. There is usually a lot of damage dealers on the backlines
  • Relatively cheap on the market


  • High cost in mana, better suited for fights with 30+ mana
  • Low health considering the cost in mana


  • At the time of writing, this card goes for just under 2$ and is a must in any deck. Get it while you can.

Special rules

  • Reverse speed. Since it only has 1 speed, it usually attacks at the end but with the reverse speed, he is the first to attack making him even more powerful
  • Equalizer. Because it only has 5 health, most of the time, it will benefit from this ruleset making him more tanky.

If possible, you want to keep it alive as long as possible because of it's high damage output. I usually put it behind the tank, that way he is not targeted either by sneak which targets the backline or snipe that targets magic, range or no attack. If you tank dies, then he might still be able to make another attack saving some time for your backline to kill the other team.
Sand Worm.png

And now the winner from a total of 112 participants:
Congratulations @cgrave I am sending this sandworm your way right now.

EDIT: It appears that @cgrave isn't playing Splinterlands. I will wait to see if he replies and still want that card. If I don't have any reply within 24h, I will repick someone who actually plays. @cgrave you have 24h to tell me if you want that card or if you want to give the opportunity to another player.