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Don't you just love the feeling when you come across an application that is almost as made for you? An app that solves a problem or just makes your life a little bit easier.

I usually write two Splinterlands-related articles in a week and really put in some effort to make them fun, informative, and good-looking. As for the informative part, I link mostly abilities and rulesets to SplinterGlossary which is a part of LeoGlossary, a database built on Leo Finance to archive finance-related topics and concepts.

Linking to SplinterGlossary helps the reader to quickly find more information and use cases for a specific ability for instance. As great as the database is, I find the linking during the writing process to be a bit slow, and the SplinterGlossary pages take some time to load up(this might also be an issue at my end). Also, sometimes it can take time to find the right ability or a ruleset on the menu.

So, if you are like me and are linking to SplinterGlossary while creating SPL content, I have some great news for you. Just yesterday I learned that SplinterGlossary has been added to LeoFlow - a tool designed to save content creators time while working with LeoGlossary.

LeoFlow is so super simple to use that I shouldn't even tell you how to do it but I'm gonna do it anyway!

  • Just go to LeoFlow
  • Write the name of the ability, ruleset, etc. you want to add
  • Click it and it's copied onto your clipboard


  • Paste it and here it is: opportunity ability
  • As you can see it is already shortened saving you quite a few clicks

To change the text of the link displayed, just modify the highlighted part:


More Ways To Use LeoFlow

Now this applies also to those not writing about Splinterlands but instead use LeoGlossary with their Leo long-form posts. Let's say you are just planning out your article and have some concepts in mind. With LeoFlow it's great to search the database to find out if they are added there in the first place. I bet it is less time-consuming than searching the menus.

Besides, nothing stops you from digging deeper into more unfamiliar concepts later on or even checking out every link before publishing the article. For me, reading carefully about somewhat unfamiliar concepts has become a habit with my Leo posts but with Splinterlands articles, the abilities and rulesets are so well known that I don't need to read them all over again. This is where LeoFlow comes in super handy to save me some time.

Visioning The Future

Perhaps I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here but wouldn't it be cool if card images and images from Splinterlands lore were added to SplinterGlossary? With LeoFlow they'd be easily fetched and added to make those posts look amazing!

I know. It would require a lot of work and time but with handy tools like LeoFlow, my imagination just starts running wild. There are so many possibilities. The LeoGlossary by itself is a great idea and perhaps in the future, we'll see more tools and maybe more community glossaries being built around it to make content creation on Hive a faster and smoother experience.


The LeoGlossary has been created by @taskmaster4450le and to my understanding the SplinterGlossary is the work of @gadrian while LeoFlow was created by @thorkellnft.

Amazing to see different users contributing to the database and I love the fact that these solutions making my life easier just keep popping up on Hive. Also, they add to the synergy between different Hive apps and communities.

Leo Finance seems to be really picking up, there's rebranding on the way making the app less finance-focused and more like a micro-blogging platform for everyone. I'd love to see the Splinterlands community making waves there too! All you need to do is write a short thread, and use the #splinterlands tag and it's visible to everyone searching that tag or browsing threads on the Leo Splinterlands community.

I don't know about you but I'm really excited to see two of my favourite apps on Hive to be thriving - Leo Finance and Splinterlands. What makes me even more excited is to see users contributing by creating new solutions to help us content creators. The future seems to be bright for the whole ecosystem.

Thank you for reading and a special thanks to the guys I tagged(hope you don't mind!).


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Thank you very much for the review, it helps a lot to make LeoFlow reach more people. I think LeoGlossary is essential for all content creators, apart from the fact that it makes your posts more attractive, it helps with SEO, which translates into more views and more earnings, even beyond 7 days, everyone should use it and LeoFlow helps make the process easier, I hope you enjoy it.


You're welcome, my pleasure! Just want more Splinterlands content creators to know about this. SEO is a good point I meant to mention but forgot. It will be great when the evergreen content is enabled on Leo!