Unforgettable Untamed: Coral Wraith


This is my third Splinterlands post of the series in which I'm remembering some of the best Untamed cards I'm lucky enough to own. The first post was about the monstrous War Chaang and with the second we focused on the versatile Beatrix Ironhand.


Today's unforgettable monster is a real killer. Coral Wraith is probably the nastiest low mana monster in my entire deck. She's not the strongest nor the fastest but with 2 points of magic attack, she can do some good damage even without summoner buffs. But once she is teamed up with a summoner like Alric Stormbringer who will give her one extra attack point, she'll make your backline disappear one by one.


Because of her Sneak ability, she will start from the last monster and work her way through to the front if you come unprepared. Coral Wraith can be extra lethal in battles with the Explosive Weaponry ruleset. This is because many players are hiding their most fragile units behind a strong last-in-line monster. Since the next monster will also get what is hitting the last one, Coral Wraith is really awesome in taking out annoying healers and other nasty things in battles like these.


Here I have a short example battle BATTLE for you guys. In this one Coral Wraith takes out the unsuspecting back row with a single blow and in the end, destroys the opponent tank monster.

Here is a picture right before the bloodbath when all the buffs were revealed:

Conditions & Opponent Team

This was a 15 mana battle with the rulesets of Explosive Weaponry and Healed Out. We both chose Water splinter with a difference that I went with Alric while my opponent chose a level 2 Kelya Frendul. This summoner will add one armor and one speed to every monster.

  • Sea Monster was an interesting choice as a tank unit. It will use most of the mana and with Healed Out -ruleset, it will also lose the Heal ability.
  • Next one was a zero mana Furious Chicken probably just to take the hit.
  • Then there was Pirate Captain, a ranged monster with a Snipe ability.
  • That is 11 mana out of 15 possible. Maybe this team was put up in hurry or my opponent was too sure of their abilities.

My Team

Alric Stormbringer is definitely one of my favorite summoners. That +1 magic buff can really get the best out of many water magic monsters. Besides that, it's also cheaper than Chaos Legion summoners when we are talking about mana costs.

Kelp Initiate is the one I usually use as a tank monster in low mana battles. This guy has good amount of health and also speed to avoid melee and ranged attacks.

Venari Wavesmith comes into play when I have a reason to suspect my opponent is going to use melee or ranged attacks. That is of course because of her Protect ability which gives my units +2 armor as long as she is alive.

Coral Wraith is a fragile thing but if she is put somewhere in the middle she can do a lot of damage as long as she is in play.

Keep in mind that this was an Explosive Weaponry -battle where every attack can have devastating effects. That is why I chose Creeping Ooze to maybe give that chance to attack first, or at least not let my opponent have that advantage.

Torrent Friend was in the back to actually protect Coral Wraith from ricochets caused by the opponent's possible Sneak -monsters. Now they would hit the Ooze.

How It All Went Down.

  • So I didn't get that first strike I wanted but instead Pirate Captain attacked first and dealt damage to three of my units. Gladly I had them armored up!
  • Then it was Coral Wraith's turn. Indeed, she took out Pirate Captain who had no help from his armor. Neither did the Chicken which also took the blast and was out.
  • Next we started to soften the Sea Serpent. However, it still had an attack left for this round and while the Kelp had armor as protection, it send a reduced blast toward the Wavesmith who was left with only 1 health point.
  • In round 2 both the Wavesmith and Coral Wraith took their turns before the Sea Monster and left it with 2 health points and also pretty angry.
  • The Sea Monster made its attack but Kelp used its speed to dodge that it was Coral Wraith who got the honor to finish the battle.


Unlike Beatrix Ironhand which I wrote about in my previous post, Coral Wraith has been one of my most used monsters since I drew it out of the pack. Just like in this battle, I usually put it somewhere safe in the middle surrounded by much healthier monsters.

At the moment its market price is $8.20 making it one of the most expensive Untamed water monsters. Renting price is 8.35 DEC/day which isn't cheap either. Only Phantom Of The Abyss is a more expensive Untamed Water unit to rent in at the moment.

So definitely not the cheapest choice but if I begin to think about how many battles she has won for me I'd say she is worth every dark energy crystal.

Thank you for reading!


All the pictures are screenshots from Splinterlands.
Thumbnail image made with Canva

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Coral Wraith is such a great card! I sold mine awhile ago and I regret it. Its so rare to have a sneak card with Magic.


It is rare, makes me think of all sorts of strategies...
Thanks for stopping by!