Share Your Weekly Battle Challenge ELven Cutthroat

Elven Cutthroat.png
Elven Cutthroat is a useful card if used when enemy puts cards with less health at back. This card only has sneak attack. I only use this card with fire summoner because of the increased melee attack. This card is usefull especially in low mana capped battles. In this battle i use level 3 elven cutthroat.

Combat-rule_weak-magic.png Combat Rule Weak Magic - Magic hits first monster's shield before damaging it's health.
Here are the monster which i used in this battle:

Goblin Mech.png
Goblin Mech is one of the strongest tanks in this game. This monster helps me a lot to beat enemy's monsters with heal and shield abilties.

Luminous Eagle.png
In level 2 this card gives 3 damage to enemy monster . Luminous Eagle has reach ability and it has flying ability which makes him hard to hit. I use this card at high mana capped battles.

Light Elemental.png
Light Elemental is one of my favorite life monster to use in all rulesets. Most of the times when monsters with opportunity and snipe abilities miss to hit this card. It just cost 4 mana and it has 2 magic attack in level 1.

Elven Cutthroat (1).png
Elven Cutthroad is the monster which i use rarely because it's only useful if you max it out. At level 3 it just does 1 damage to enemy.

Round 1

screenshot (38).png
At fist round enemy's monster with sneak and opportunity abilties misses 2 times to hit Light elemental. No monsters got killed in this round.

screenshot (39).png
At second round Serpentine Spy eliminates Elven Cutthroat with just one attack. Light Elemental kills Living Lava and Goblin Mech kills Goblin Shaman.

screenshot (40).png
In third round Light Elemental kills Kobold miner and Fire Elemental. Luminous Eagle kills last 2 monstters and victory.

Questions and Answers
Did your strategy work?
Well my strategy worked but Elven Cutthroad was the most useless monster in this linup.

Do you like Elven Cutthroad?
I don't like this card because he doesn't have any special ability and with such low health it's so easy to eliminate this card with just a single attack.

Here's is the battle link if you want to watch

Youtube Link -