Splinterlands Leagues - How many chest per day/season? - Do I get Dec or Credits

Authored by @L1L Dawg


When I started out I could find seasons rewards for chests but I couldn't find daily chests by league and if I had the knowledge of this I would been motivated to rank up faster.

I also see a lot of questions still from my guilds and new players asking why am I not earning DEC ? or I got DEC in my games but not in my chest why is that ?.

To help us all I have compiled this info all here so you have a single table and as ever with The L1L Dawgs Bite size guides it is kept simple and concise. I have also added one more table with probability of drops by league under chest opening rewards for completeness.

League Rewards

LeagueDaily chestsSeason ChestsDEC or Credits In ChestsDec On Ranked Play
Novice I10CreditsNo
Bronze III15CreditsNo
Bronze II17CreditsYes
Bronze I19CreditsYes
Silver III212DecYes
Silver II315DecYes
Silver I418DecYes
Gold III622DecYes
Gold II726DecYes
Gold I830DecYes
Diamond III1040DecYes
Diamond II1250DecYes
Diamond I1460DecYes
Champion III1680DecYes
Champion II18120DecYes
Champion I20150DecYes

Chest Rewards

Bronze III / Novice10%0%45%45%
Bronze II20%0%40%40%
Bronze I30%0%35%35%
Silver III +50%25%0%25%

Quest Types per day
Earth Quest - Win 5 ranked battles with the Earth Splinter.
Water Quest - Win 5 ranked battles with the Water Splinter.
Fire Quest - Win 5 ranked battles with the Fire Splinter.
Death Quest - Win 5 ranked battles with the Death Splinter.
Life Quest - Win 5 ranked battles with the Life Splinter.
Dragon Quest - Win 5 ranked battles with the Dragon Splinter.
No Neutral Quest - Win 5 ranked battles without any Neutral cards.
Sneak Quest - Win 5 ranked battles using at least 1 card with the Sneak ability.
Snipe Quest - Win 5 ranked battles using at least 1 card with the Snipe ability.

L1L Dawgs Splinterlands Blog
The L1L Dawgs Guilds

The L1L Dawgs Family Of Guilds click image to go to in game guildlil dag guild.gif

The L1L Dawgs are all about community we come together through Discord and we have worldwide participation, Please ensure you can fully understand English and communicate back in it clearly as being active in the Discord is an absolute must. We are happy to take newer players and help you grow and have lots of guides and exclusive content and support but please ensure you are close to 1,800 rating and play on a daily basis and want to regularly chat in the Discord when applying, If this sounds good apply on our guilds page today!.

L1L Dawgs Splinterlands Blog

The L1L Dawgs Favourite Streamers

Also I would like to mention some great players who I have been watching on social media and have learned a lot from. Throw them a sub they try so hard for the community they deserve a little something back

Dwayne Cunningham

Dwayne is such a giving player he has been in Splinterlands for years and without knowing me when I started really helped me understand the game and actually even communicated with me directly and gave me a guild place to learn without any expectations from me. A true selfless individual who is all about helping the community improve and making players better with extremely well researched information. Please check him out he deserves to be in the top 3 streamers in Splinterlands in my opinion. p.s. and Thanks from me Dwayne.


TNA Discord


They say wisdom comes with age the Oldman proves this and can read a player like a book, Underestimate him at your peril. He has some of the most exciting and informative streams in the Splinterlands universe.


L1L Dawgs Splinterlands Blog

If you don't yet have an account and wanna help me out using my affiliate would be most appreciated

Splinterlands sign up link click image or paste this https://splinterlands.com?ref=british-bulldog

p.s. Thanks to Flauwy for the free assets like dividers etc

Please note my post is not financial advice and is just my personal opinion.



Gold III gets 6 chests and you have every league marked as getting no DEC from ranked play.


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