NEUTRAL SUMMONER!? A Splinterlands Idea - 01

Hi Everyone!

You may have read the title and thought to yourself how would a Neutral Summoner even work? is that possible? No way!

I'm here to say how, what, and why this is something we could potentially see in the future!

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 1.34.14 PM.png

HOW would a neutral summoner work?

In order to understand how a neutral summoner would work we look to what makes a neutral card effective.

  • It can be played alongside any one splinter.
or two if you use a dragon team

Taking this into account a Neutral Summoner would work the same.

This summoner would be the first of its kind to break the splinterland rules of each splinter for itself. When played, any splinter can be used in conjunction with any other team.

Yes this would mean a fire, water, earth team is possible. 

The possibilities would be crazy!

Now you are probably thinking, that is crazy, that will be way too strong!

I will explain more in the WHAT section.

WHAT would this summoner look like?

There are 4 main components of any summoner;

  • Mana Cost
  • Abilities
  • Rarity
  • Art/Lore

Mana Cost:

In order for a summoner of this magnitude to be viable it is necessary that there is a high mana cost as this would be too powerful in extremely low mana matches.

I have decided that a Mana Cost of 7 makes the most sense for a first release summoner as it allows for future cards to be released that have differing costs that can be catered to the effectiveness of this summoner.

None! This may seem a little dissapointing but I strongly believe that due to the option to mix and match splinters this summoner could be too powerful if it came with an ability at this mana cost.

No ability with 7 mana means the benefit of being able to use any splinter alongside one another is offset by not getting the usual summoner buffs as well as eating up 7 mana.

This summoner would be rare as it allows for a future epic or legendary summoner with either a lower cost or ability to appear leaving even more excitement moving forward!

I have not actually created art for this card yet as I think the many talented splinterlands community members could provide me with amazing art better than my own abilities. Using someones are I would be more than happy to create lore that fits their art piece for this card.

Heres an example of more or less what the card could look like!

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 2.15.36 PM.png

If you want to make a card yourself you can check it out.
Splinterlands Card Maker by @dark-hamburger.

WHY would this be a good introduction.

Splinterlands is constantly evolving and thats part of what I love about the game. This would just add another layer of excitement and intensity into everyones strategies.

It also serves as a proof of concept idea that I have for cross-splinter cards which share a dual-splinter bloodline, let me know if you want me to post about that idea as well.

Two Other Ideas I had for Neutral Summoners:

  • A legendary 7 cost neutral summoner which has a simple ability such as plus 1 health.
  • A 1 cost no ability epic summoner that is exclusive to just the Neutral Splinter, meaning only neutral cards can be played with it but being 1 cost would be insane.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed my idea, follow for more awesome wacky content and let me know what you want to see next!

If you want to join the splinterlands community in game feel free to use my referral link!