What is a Phantom Level?

When a card levels up but receives absolutely no benefit from doing so.

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 4.11.12 PM.png

You may be thinking to yourself surely that doesn't exist in splinterlands?

I'm here to tell you it does and it is not just on one card but there is definitely a theme to it (low mana cost cards).

For the first set of Phantom Level cards they follow their own paths but have 2 or 3 levels that are considered Phantom Levels where they get nothing new.
Phantom Level cards in this category:

  • Albatross - Untamed Phantom Levels - 2, 4, and 8

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 3.57.35 PM.png

  • Curesed Slimeball - Untamed Phantom Levels - 2 and 5

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 3.55.49 PM.png

  • Furious Chicken - Reward card Phantom Levels - 2, 4, and 6
    only rare and also only 0 mana card with phantom levels.

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 4.34.35 PM.png

For the second set of Phantom Level cards they gain benefit every other level until their final two levels meaning they have 4 Phantom Levels. They are from the chaos legion release.

Leveling up these cards to level 2, 4, 6, or 8 provides no additional benefit over the previous levels while levels 3, 5, 7, and 9 do the heavy lifting.

Phantom Level cards in this category:

  • Radiated Scorcher

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 3.58.56 PM.png

  • Hardy Stonefish

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 3.58.31 PM.png

  • Mycelic Morphoid

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 3.57.12 PM.png

  • Carrion Shade

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 3.56.29 PM.png

  • Gargoya Scrapper

Screen Shot 2022-01-20 at 3.54.25 PM.png

Let me know if I missed any other Phantom Level cards!

What does this mean?
Understanding Phantom Levels can help you maximize benefit.

Instead of using extra cards to Phantom Level a card you might be better off selling the extra copies you have in order to buy enough copies of a non Phantom Level card to level it up and receive a stat boost!

You can do this Here on PeakMonsters which allows you to buy and sell cards easily with smooth transactions and an easy to use interface.

Use Phantom Levels to your advantage to grow your account and not waste resources especially in lower leagues!

Do you think they are necessary or would you like to see them removed?

Personally I think they add a unique dynamic to the game.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed, follow for more awesome wacky content and let me know what you want to see next!

If you want to join the splinterlands community in game feel free to use my referral link, I'll do my best to help out anyone who does use it the best I can!


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