Brofund Splinterlands update - land has finally arrived!



The long wait

We have been waiting long before Splinterlands land arrived and we could expand our earning options. Thankfully, the wait is over and we can now finally enjoy the tract we got in the crowd sale because we remember how fast they sold out at the time. I think many of us were excited until this would be released and we have thought it was near many times, but now we're finally there. The long wait is over and we can start exploring what we will do with our Splinterlands tract.

In the header picture, you can see the red marked part, that's the land of the Bros and we are part of the Whittacer region, number 72.


Below you can find more details about the land:


We have 12 Magic plots, 5 occupied and 1 keep. The rest is natural land. We will have to find out what this means by playing Splinterlands and how it affects our game.


Above you see 2 legendary plots and below you see 4 epic plots.


We also have 20 rares on top of these.

Reward options

We are now exploring the options we have to start earning with the land, and when the rewards flow in this is probably going to be the reward structure:

40% to stake for competitions, guild matches, airdrops et al.
30% given out as dividends to BRO holders
30% to @Raymondspeaks

It's possible at first we will keep compounding until it's more rewarding but we'll see how it goes and update you once more is clear.

Have you bought land yourself? Any thoughts about the options to utilize land?

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