Share Your Splinterlands Battle - Watch out for the HAUNTED SPIDER!


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Hey everyone,

It's time for the weekly Share Your Battle Challenge again and this time it's all about the Haunted Spider. I actually hate spiders, but I love the Haunted Spider. So, let's go!



The Haunted Spider

Let's start with a few facts about the card and why it's a good choice for your line-up. The Haunted Spider is a ranged attack monster from the death team. With just 3 mana costs, it is very cheap and can therefore also be used well in low mana games. The spider also has a ranged attack of 2 which is very good for a 3 mana card. But she only has 1 speed, which of course makes her quite slow. The card has alos little life (at least at level 1) with a value of just once. Therefore, it should be positioned as far back as possible (but not in the last position because some monsters attack the last card), otherwise it's an easy prey.

Since the Haunted Spider is a starter card, every player can use it, even if he/she does not actually have a copy of the card. That's good for beginners because it's easy to play with this card, no purchase required (other than the Spellbook of course 😅). On the other hand, the card is not overpowered as well, since it can be played by anyone.



At a higher level, the card is very strong. At level 10 she even has 3 ranged attacks with a speed of 4 and 5 lives. In addition, every card with lvl 4 or more receives the Poison ability, which gives her a chance to poison an enemy card with an attack. A poisoned card will get damage from that every round, which of course can be of advantage, especially when there's an opponent card with a lot of life. If you want to buy a card with this ability you have to pay at least $67.50 (at current market prices). I don't know if a lvl 5 card would be so valuable to me. Rather not. But if it gets a little cheaper, maybe I'll get it. But I will certainly not get myself a level 10 card, because such a card is completely exceeding my budget with a current market value of currently $ 1,176...

The Battle

I fought against @akhtop11, who I could defeat quite easily without any major problems.

Rules of Fight:

  • Taking Sides: I wasn't allowed to choose neutral monsters. But that wasn't a problem for me since I have a lot of favorite cards from the death team anyway.
  • Mana Cap: In the fight both players had 29 mana available. So more than enough to choose from many other cards besides the Haunted Spider.
  • Allowed teams: Fire / Life / Water / Death, so luckily the death team was allowed and I was able to play the Haunted Spider card.


My Team:

I've placed the Haunted Spirit in first position because it is a pretty strong card. Not only because of his 7 health, but also because the card restores 2 health every round. This makes the card much more difficult to defeat and can protect the cards behind it a little, as it will intercept most attacks. With 2 Melee attack, it is also dangerous and does some damage itself. When I play with the death team I usually choose it as the first card because it's a great choice when you want a monster that does a lot of damage and won't go down that easily.

Behind that comes the Haunted Spider. Actually a bit too far ahead, since (as I said) it has little health. That was of course a bit naive of me because she can be defeated so easily once the Haunted Spirit is out of the game. Until that happens, the card can still do some damage from a distance.

In third position, I chose the Grim Reaper. This one has only 3 lives, but 3 ranged attack with 2 speed as well. So he can do a lot of damage and is a good addition to the Haunted Spider as he is also a ranged fighter. What also makes this card strong is its Affliction ability - this can trigger affliction when an opposing monster is hit. The affected monster can then no longer be healed. This ability is of course an advantage against a team with a healer (like in this fight).

Another card I chose was the Twisted Jester. This is one of my favorite death team cards that I love to play with. It doesn't have that much life either, but it only costs 4 mana. 2 ranged attack is a pretty big advantage too. She also has 3 speed and the snipe ability which allows the Twisted Jester to attack opponents who are not in first position and the Twister Jester can therefore easily knock out weaker cards. In my opinion she is one of the strongest ranged fighters for this mana price.

Furthermore, I decided to play with the Dark Ferryman. He has 5 health, a little more than the other ranged fighters. That is why I should have placed him further up front, but I didn't thought about that when choosing the cards. Although it only has 1 ranged attack, it just costs 3 mana and goes well with the other cards, since it can also attack from a distance and thus cause damage with little risk. So it improved my team as well.

Last but not least is the Undead Priest. I almost always use this one when playing with the death team and place it at the last positon most of the time. This is because it has little life and would therefore be quickly defeated further up front. Due to his Weakening ability, he is always a good addition to the line-up as he reduces the life of all enemy monsters by 1. Until he is killed, of course, but until then the other monsters can be overwhelmed more easily. But be aware that he has no attack at all ...

Enemy Team:
My opponent chose a life team instead. He put a Shieldbearer in the first place, as this card is very well protected with 9 health and 4 armor and also has 2 melee attacks. He also opted for a Silvershield Knight, which increases the melee attack of all monsters from the team, and also chose the Feral Spirit which is a sneak monster. In addition the Truthspeaker were added which was a nice choice as the card raises the armor of all cards. The team was expanded by the Divine Healer, who heals the first card every round.

Now it's getting serious: who will win the match?

As you can see in the video, I could easily win the battle. Above all, my ranged fighters did a lot of damage and even had almost their entire lives themselves in the end. My Haunted Spirit was also able to survive, as it has healed itself again and again.

If you want to rewatch the match on the Splinterlands site you can do so here.

Did my strategy work?

My strategy worked very well: The ranged attackers could make a lot of hits with their ranged attacks and were therefore very important for the victory. The Haunted Spider was also the right choice as it could attack a total of 4 times, although one of the attacks was a miss. Even though the opponent's line-up was well thought out and not badly chosen, I was able to win the battle pretty easily.

Next time, however, I would position the ranged fighters differently. In general, I place cards with more life in front, because the monster in the first position can also be defeated and then the monster behind should have enough life to survive for a while as well. Therefore, I will put the Dark Ferryman closer to the Haunted Spirit in the future.

Thanks for reading my post. If you're not playing Splinterlands yet, you're missing out a lot. Click here to take a look at the Splinterlands site and find out what the hype is all about!

See you next time! Cheers ✌

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