Share Your Battle Challenge - Using Dragons in Battle!

This week's Share Your Battle challenge features the Dragon splinter! The Dragon splinter has a diverse set of monsters and summoners, with many different cards which can play a huge role in various different rulesets. For my battle today, I would like to showcase two different dragon cards - a summoner which is bonkers good in this week's ruleset, and a tanky monster which is a solid choice in many a battle.

If you wanted to jump right to the action, the Battle Link is right here. Want to hear some more about the lineup? Read on further!


Here is the ruleset for our battle. We will be working with a medium mana cap of 25 mana, with 3 different splinters to work with. Looking at the rules, Lost Legendaries is not normally a ruleset that would make me want to choose Dragon, since many amazing Dragon cards have a legendary rarity. However, the other ruleset - Earthquake - means that there is one Dragon summoner perfect for this battle!

That summoner is our guest (co-)star of the week - Brighton Bloom! Weighing in at just 4 mana, Brighton will allow us to select Dragon monsters. Most importantly, Brighton will also give all of our monsters Flying. This means that our monsters will not be taking damage from Earthquake, even if they don't normally have the Flying ability themselves. Bringing Brighton as my summoner will allow me to bring a slightly more defensive team into the fight and try to win a battle of attrition as Earthquake damages my opponent's monsters.

I led off my team with other co-star of the week, Djinn Chwala, along with Hardy Stonefist. Djinn Chwala is a super solid tank, with a robust 5 armor and 9 health. On top of that, Djinn Chwala also has a respectable 3 melee attack, as well as Thorns which will deal counter-damage to any enemy melee monsters attacking it. I used Hardy Stonefish as a budget secondary tank. I was really hoping that it wouldn't be needed, but it could take a hit or two at the front if necessary, as well as helping to defend my other monsters from any monsters on the opposing side with Opportunity. Also, my copy of it is a gold foil - great for getting those bonus rewards shares!

Since I didn't have to worry about Earthquake damage thanks to Brighton, the middle of my lineup was intended to make my team much more durable in order to outlast my opponent's team. Venari Wavesmith was there to provide some additional armor to my entire team, as well as chip in a bit of magic damage. Merdaali Guardian would be able to heal my front tank (hopefully Djinn Chwala) and keep it in the fight for as long as possible.

I rounded out my team with some evasive monsters in order to protect the rest of my monsters from any sort of Sneak damage. Pelacor Bandit and Chaos Agent both have some sort of evasion, and would also benefit from the extra armor from Venari Wavesmith.


With the lineup set, it's off into battle! When I see the selected teams I feel pretty good about the battle. While there is also a Venari Wavesmith on the other side of the field, my opponent hasn't brought any monsters (or a summoner) with Flying. On top of that, most of the opposing team has a melee attack. Djinn Chwala with Thorns is looking like a great choice for this fight.

round 1.png

In the first round of battle things start off well - Djinn Chwala is doing a great job of sitting at the front and dishing out melee attacks and Thorns damage, and getting healed by my Merdaali Guardian. Hardy Stonefish is even able to distract my opponent's Deeplurker from my more important monsters in the back

round 2.png

One more round and the situation is tilting further in my favor. Djinn Chwala's Thorns and the Earthquake damage is beginning to add up quickly. The enemy front tank goes down, while my whole team is still standing.

round 3.png

By the start of Round 4 this battle is all but over. My team still has not lost a single monster, and all that remains on the other side of the battlefield is a heavily damaged Deeplurker. Another attack or two and my victory was sealed! And again, if you wanted to see the whole battle for yourself, you can see it right here.

round 4.png

My strategy for this battle worked out very well - Brighton Bloom and Djinn Chwala both played their roles to perfection in this fight and my team was able to play defensively while letting Earthquake and Thorns deal heavy damage to my opponent's monsters. Brighton's summoner ability is perfect in the Earthquake ruleset, and Djinn Chwala was an amazing tank in this battle, holding off the enemy monsters nearly singlehandedly.

I am a big fan of Brighton Bloom, Djinn Chwala, and the Dragon splinter. Both of those cards are top tier Dragon cards, and will continue to be staples of my play in the future.


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