Epona saved the team!!

Hello Splinter nerds


During the Untamed Edition of Monsters, The earth splinter was blessed with a cutie pie known as Epona... She is a 1 mana legendary card, no attack yet possesses amazing stats that make players like to use her in battle...

I like Epona the most out of all the 1 mana legendary monsters that was released to each splinter because of her ability...


  • STRENGTH : This ability increases the health of the monsters on her team which is very useful in battle...
  • DIVINE SHIELD : The first attack on her won't count or have any effect on her as she is protected by this ability...
  • IMMUNITY : It makes her immune to all negativity like poison, affliction and the likes, they don't work on her because she is immune!
  • REPAIR : This ability helps to fix the armor of the monsters in her team..

All this four abilities combined together make the Epona Awesome!


I had a low mana battle cap earlier today with three rule set..

The first rule state that all summoners lose their stats, second rule means no melee attack can be used and the last rule is that all monsters are given additional 2 armor..


battle link

Since the summoners have no stats , it is obvious we were both going to use the xander foxwood being a 2 mana summoner and it will help save us 1 mana each....

Our set up was a bit different though

While the opponent came with a scattershot and full front attacker, i was playing defense, brutal front attack and a finishing touch with a sniper...

My last two monsters were my hope to win the battle, i predicted the opponent was going to use either chaos agent or failed summoner or even use both, so i use grenadier a monster that can easily take those two down if he didn't miss its attack..

The centaur is a sniper and if he can do some great damage to the opponent second monster, the grenadier blast will help in finishing the job...

It did not happen as i planned though, the grenadier keeps missing its target and eventually got killed by the opponent Acid shooter with the scattershot ability...


When it got to this point, i thought i was going to lose but Epona saved the battle with her repair ability...

The moment centaur got rid of the acid shooter and it was now just four monsters left on the battle ground, two for each team, the tanks are non attacking monsters so the fate of the battle lies on the rear monster but i had an advantage, my own tank has an ability which makes it impossible for the opponent to defeat it, it just keep hitting her armor as she re fix it till my sniper was able to defeat him....

I won the match, all thanks to Epona!

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All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and ingame

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