Magnor was possessed by the god of war who unleached his trample wrath


Hello Splinterlands!

Today battle is an epic one, have you ever seen a monster with the trample ability in action? or have you ever seen a battle rule set that favors a trample monster and allows it to utilize its trample ability to the max?....

I am just about to show you one battle that will amaze you, the god of trample became so enraged and furious that he killed all the opponent monster in one round with multiple attacks at a go!

like i said, it all ended in the first round!

So what made it possible for my plans to work perfectly? i will give the credit to the rule set, the summoner and the trample monster mAGNOR



It was a 20 mana battle cap and the two rules given were explosive weaponry & stampede which means all monster possess the blast ability and the trample monsters has no limit to the number of times they can trample on the opponent monsters...

An idea cross my mind immediately i saw the rules and if it goes as plan, it would be one of the fastest win battles on splinterlands but to make this happen, i need a summoner that fit in...and there is none other than conqueror jacek


My friend complains a lot about how jacek never favors her in battle and yea i have also met her couple of times in battle in which we both use jacek and i end up winning, i guess it is just her badluck or jacek is rejecting her

Yodin zaku used to be my favorite fire summoner until jacek came into the picture and with the amazing stats it possess, zaku stands no change against him, players love zaku mostly cos of the blast stats but fire splinter have some monster who possess the blast ability and using jacek to summoner those monsters is freaking cool!

I needed jacek in this battle for his speed and piercing ability because i am about to come up with a crazy line up and i won't want the opponent armor to ruin my plans!

battle link

looking at the screenshot above, i only use 2 fighting monsters but then i actually only relied on one monster, the other monster was just to fill up the mana left.



This is the main monster of this battle because i placed all the work load on him, i rely on him to do all the damages, i will admit i took a big risk because any miss from him could result to me getting defeated and this is why i came up with a summoner that add additional +2 speed to him plus the speed it will be getting when enraged, there is less chance for a miss except i am having a really bad luck...

The stampede ability allows the magnor to show he can be really possessed by the god of war, he defeated all the opponent monsters single handedly in the first round with the combo of his trample and the blast from the rule set plus the piercing gotten from jacek....just click on the battle and watch....


Venator Kinjo.png

When this monster was released, i knew it was going to be a badass card, even though it was not really designed to be an offensive attacker but it is still a very useful monster due to its stats, it is good as defense against any kind of blast because it has the reflection shield and also immune to any kind of negativity due to his immunity ability.....

I used kinjo in this battle for his reflection shield and slow ability, i need to make sure my magnor is full of speed so it can attack first just incase the opponent came with monster with ability that can stop him like the stun


Goblin Fireballer.png

The goblin ia a very good card and i use it often in low mana cap battle as it can easily fit in with his 2 mana, even though it cost just two mana, his attack power is still great and the snare ability is a threat to the flying monsters..

In this particular battle though, i just use it to fill up the mana as i know he is likely not to attack at all if my plan goes well....



The first zero mana monster was the furious chicken and seeing how it became the most used card when it was first released made sl released more zero mana monsters but this time around, they did one for each splinter, we all know how this zero mana card can be very useful yet they cost no mana....

The purpose of using fiend is to demoralize the opponent melee attackers he was going to use and it works as he came with mostly melee monsters..

It was a flawless victory, i lost no monsters and i won in the very first round!

if you want to be a part of this week splinterlands battle challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and ingame

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