Maxed some of my new favorite reward cards


Hello splinter nerds, it has been really long i made a splinterland post, oh yea even before i got sick, been very lazy doing post but looks like i need to fight that demon and resume posting now...

What have i been upto this past few days on splinterlands? been maxing the new reward cards and also buying some spares as my instinct tells me, so let us get to know my favorite new reward cards and the ones i have maxed and those that will still get maxed...



These two mana rare dragon card was the first reward card i maxed and the reason is because of its low mana and unique ability, the speed will make it hard for some monsters to hit it and if they miss hitting it, they lose two out of their lifes, that is awesome and yea it is a good card to have in one collections..


it is called the back fire ability and also it increases the whole monsters in her team speed by one with the swiftness ability, speed matters alot in battle so naga assassin is still cheap as far as i know, once it is no longer in print, it will be highly demandable for in the market...



This is the second card i got maxed, to be honest i didn't like this card at the beginning, not until i saw its stun ability work like 50% out of the time it hit, i find that really amazing and maxed it up too and i have been using it often in battle ever since, my summoners ain't maxed so my only option now is to wait for chaos and max the summoner it brings....


The reach ability makes it that it is mostly to be used in the second position except in certain cases where melee power monsters can attack from any position...



Uraes is another great card i maxed, the fact that it is a sneaky monster with poison is a good reason but the most amazing part of it is that it is a neutral card and make be used along side most monsters in other splinter except if neutral cards can not be used.. So this card will be expensive in the nearest future if it run out of print....

max max max!!! I find it fun to max my cards now and i believe if i can max many cards if i continue at this fast rate.. i will keep the update going as i max more cards...


if you want to be a part of this week steemmonsters challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and gif credit goes to splinterlands.

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