Prince rennyn Vs Immortalis In a back to basic rule set

Hello splinter nerds

The battle i am about to display today is about 2 legendary monsters that belongs to the earth splinter....

Prince rennyn has been in existence for so long and he is among the first legendary summoner ever released unto the splinterlands [beta edition] and he has an amazing stats which makes it one of the most used summoner in splinterlands while Immortalis is the newly released earth legendary summoner and he is also making waves in the arena...

Prince Rennyn has +1 health +1 range +1 speed

Immortalis has -1 health, Void and Shatter ability...

Both of this summoners are good but in this particular battle that i am about to share, the rule was back to basics which means all the monsters lose all their abilities, it doesn't affect the summoner so monsters need to rely on summoners to boost their power...

We were given just two splinter which were the Earth and Death splinter and we both decided to use the earth but we came up with different summoners.....

The opponent used the Immortalis with the combo of many magic monsters while i use Prince rennyn with the mixture of range and magic balanced but i made sure i also came up with the fastest monsters on my list...

battle link

Pro and cons of both summoners

  • Prince Rennyn is more faster hence my monster attacks first incase we use similar monster..
  • Immortalis has void so the damage done by my magic monsters reduce but that has no effect on the opponent...
  • Prince Rennyn gives +1 range power to all range monsters i use but the opponent only have shatter ability which has no effect because i didn't use any armor monster....


Round 1

3 monsters were eliminated in the first round, in which belongs to the opponent while i lost my tank before we moved to the second round..


Round 2

At this second round, i realized i have done a mistake which is i should have put Mitica headhunterin the fourth position and place Runemancer florre in the third position since it has more life and would take more attacks before she is eliminated the deed is done and mitica was still able to do some brutal damage before dying...

The speed really helped as that gives me more advantage over the opponent and i won the battle...

I came with full attack while the opponent was using the attack and defence strategy which didn't help, it is a battle of the fastest and who does greater damage!

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All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and ingame

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