Splinter nerds only use like 60 percent of their cards in battles

Hello splinter nerds

The fact still remain that we are only using like 60 percent of all our cards in battle, there are some of this monsters we have not used for ages and that is because we prefer using some other cards in their position.....

Most players have their favorite cards they love to play in most of their battles and i think this is one of the reason why the bot can also easily predict players move and use their line up against them...

While i was playing tournament yesterday, a thought flashed through my mind at the moment i was selecting my team and that is to try a monster i have not used for a long time and see how it plays out...


I also made sure the monster i selected fit in the battle rules.... I picked Harvester

It is a neutral card with oppress and enrage ability, the oppress ability is a nemesis to the non attacking monsters as it does double damage to their health and you can imagine being enraged and hitting a non-attack monster with the oppress ability, it is definitely going to be fatal!

I had a battle with Anubis85in a no armor and all melee can attack from any position rule set...

I used the earth splinter mylor knowing the thorn is a big advantage and i was not surprised the opponent used it as well, anything for the win!

The same summoner but our line up was a bit different though we used some similar monsters like the almo cambio, failed summoner and the khymer princess..


battle link

We both used a monster with the oppress ability, he used the vampiric blossom with a range power form of attack and i used the harverster with the melee form of attack

He lost the match the moment harvester enrage ability was triggered as his tank was taken down with one hit and that was the end for him as he became vulnerable and i was able to penetrate and defeat his other monsters easily....

battle link

Something similar happened here as well, melee can attack from any position but the opponent use the life splinter instead, i assume he relied on jared scar but unfortunately for him, the thorn and amplify plus the sneaky monster i used didn't let his jared to shine in the battle...

I was able to take down the non-attack monster he placed as his tank with the help of harvester and the rest was easy peasy...

I would try to dig out more monsters i have not been using in battles and use them, it would be fun!

if you want to be a part of this week splinterlands weekly battle challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and ingame

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