Splinterlands battle challenge: Pelacor Arbalest with his powerful crossbows

Hello splinter nerds

Happy sunday everyone, last week was a crazy one for the game investors as many things happened ranging from riftwatchers presale, vouchers pumping and sps pump too.... Splinterlands just won't stop surprising us with amazing update...


This week battle challenge is about a life monster pelacor arbalest well known for its double strike and flying ability.... I love it especially for the double strike as it helps to eliminate the opponent monster faster...

I have been missing out for a while, i didn't know players who compete for the leaderboard get rewarded for both ranked format wild and modern until the end of this season that one of my friend shared screenshot of how she looted both format, i was so pained because i never played the modern format as i didn't know it was also rewarding players who ranked up for the leaderboard but now i know and i started playing it this season...


I started from the lowest level and ranked up to silver II, one more win would take it to silver I but i am also watchful of the ecr, i didn't want it to be so low so i stopped playing....

My last battle was with chatluonng in a fog of war and holy protection battle rule, he came with the fire splinter while i use the life splinter...

battle link

To be honest, i would have come with the fire splinter using yodin zaku as the summoner but because of the battle challenge i had to risk the life splinter but i made sure to protect my monsters from any zaku blast so i used kinjo in the second position since he is blessed with reflect shield but fortunately for me, the opponent didn't use zaku but used tarsa

Line up

  • Shield bearer: I used this monster for his taunt ability as i want it to consume all the hit coming from the opponent monsters as to give chance to my other monsters to fight...

  • Venator Kinjo: I was scared the enemy would come with a blast summoner so i needed to protect my team from this danger and no other monster can do it better than kinjo with his mighty reflect shield!....

  • Lensmaster: Oh well i was having an extra one mana and the best one mana card i could use was lens so i put it in to fill the space... atleast the one range attack is helpful too..

  • Venari crystalsmith: Healing is very important in most battles, the only moster with healing ability in silver league and in modern format is the venari so no one can drag his position with him...

  • Pelacor arbalest: The monster of the battle, with his retaliate ability he took his team to victory.

  • Doctor Blight: This is one of the most used card on splinterlands and that is because of its amazing abilities and it also being a universal card, i mean a neutral card that can be used in all splinter...

I won the match and that was also the end of me playing this account today as i need the ecr to recharge for tomorrow game play...

if you want to be a part of this week splinterlands battle challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and gif credit goes to splinterlands.

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